Wet Dog Food Vs Dry Dog Food: Which is Best?

By on September 7, 2020

Did you know that majority of the traditional pet food, when cooked, especially over very high heat temperatures, lose their goodness? Yes, it’s a fact that when cooked in this manner, the weight of the food is reduced by up to 25%. This loss is a result of the lack of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins being removed from the pet food. For pet parents, it is so important to buy food that still has its essential ingredients and qualities in them. Here is some further information about this.

This leads us to the question of which of the two may be better for your pooch – wet foods or the dry options? Below are some vital information you need to know before you step inside the pet store.

Difference Between Wet Food and Dry Pet Food

Unfortunately, we do not have one straight answer because both of these options can be good and bad. We will help you out by listing the benefits of each one so that you can make a more calculative choice when faced with all the choices on the shelf.

Dry Food. When any pet owner is looking for a convenient way to feed its canine, they often reach for the bag or dry food on the pet store shelf. This is because it has been proven to be a lot more suitable to scoop up and serve a bowl of dry food, than wet. With no mess or profuse cleaning up of messy bowls, and any leftovers can be put back into the storage bag and eaten later.

Not to mention, portions of this type of treats can be left out for longer periods, than the wet ones which may attract flies and go bad quicker. The expense factor comes into play, once the food goes bad you need to throw it away, which is why dry food is a more economical option for you. It costs much less to buy a big bag of this stuff, rather than 10 cans which tend to be far more expensive.

If your dog is not that old yet, they will be able to consume it. It will in turn repay the favor of cleaning their teeth. It has been seen to reduce teeth build-up such as plaque, tartar, and stains on their teeth, done by scraping it all away.    

A bonus benefit that may also help towards this group of nourishment, is that while you’re at work, food puzzle toys https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/pets/g5117/dog-puzzle-toys/ can be one entertaining way of keeping your pooch busy. It can also be used to control their over-eating habits, for those who just love to eat all day. The added benefit is that the dry kind when used in these types of activities keep their minds stimulated, hence improving the quality of their lifestyles as well.

Wet Food. As expected, this one has a much greater water content in it. We all know how good water is for us, and the same applies to our pets as well. Keeping your dog properly hydrated, especially during dry seasons is very important. Besides having the wet option in his bowl, always make sure you have a separate bowl of fresh, clean drinking water for him or her.

Sometimes age-related health conditions like gum disease or frail teeth, make it impossible for them to be able to chew hard food, making the wet options perfect for them. Hard foods, such as kibble can be difficult for them to chew and swallow even if they have a small mouth or misaligned jaw for instance. Canned foods make it much easier for them. Check out the following link for great dog food online.

It has also been noted that as dogs get older, just like humans, they lose some of their senses. One of these include their sense of smell. Wet foods such as Apupabove dog food have a more potent or richer smell and flavor than the dry one, they won’t miss out on eating it, and it will appeal to their senses more.

This choice is also good for weight management, i.e., satiety. It can make them feel fuller longer, thereby avoiding overfeeding them and keeping them at a healthy weight. Some of our dogs have an endless appetite and will eat everything that’s given to them, opting for this is a good idea to keep them trained in the over-eating department.

In the end, the choice is yours and your canines. Where he gets the most out of, is what you should invest in.

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