What Are the Best Pets for Kids? 4 Awesome Animals

By on May 16, 2020

If you’re still deciding whether it’s a good idea for your kids to have a pet, just think about the benefits.

Aside from teaching them responsibility, owning a pet helps build their confidence, keeps them healthy, reduces their feelings of loneliness, and so on. However, you need to choose the right one for your family.

After all, even if your kids promise to be responsible pet owners, you know that they can’t do everything by themselves. To make sure you won’t regret your decision, let’s talk about the best pets for kids including what to consider when caring for them.

4 Best Pets for Kids

Before choosing a pet for your family, make sure to think about your living situation and the ages of your children. Remember, pets come with expenses and some animals may not be suitable for very young kids. 

That being said, here are some good pets for kids and their unique needs and characteristics. 

1. Dogs

Always a popular choice, dogs make good everyday companions as long as they’re well-socialized and house-trained. Now, if you’re looking for specific breeds, the most kid-friendly ones are beagles, boxers, golden retrievers, and Labrador retrievers. 

No matter the breed though all dogs need daily exercise, regular veterinary checkups, grooming, etc. You may also have to hire a dog walker or send your dog to doggy day care if your family has to travel somewhere and no one will be left at home. 

Always a popular choice, dogs make good everyday companions as long as they’re well-socialized and house-trained. Dogs make a good relationship with red parrots if you have one. And if you need any guidance on domestic parrots then https://parrotspecies.org/ is the place to go.

2. Cats

Also on the list of animals that make good pets for kids are cats. Like dogs, they’re wonderful companions with the added advantage of not needing walks and baths as much. 

They still need a bit of equipment though such as toys, scratching posts, and a litter box. 

3. Fish

For small kids, fishes are one of the best pets to own. They require little upkeep, but you do have to budget for the initial aquarium set-up. 

Keep in mind that small bowls aren’t ideal if you want your fish to live their full lifespan. It’s also important you research on how to best care for your underwater friends. You can check out the pure goldfish approved list for online stores that provide detailed fish care guides. 

4. Turtles

If your idea of a good pet is one that’s quiet and low maintenance, you can’t go wrong with a turtle. However, you do have to check if your state allows the sale or keeping of turtles. This is because they can easily transmit salmonella, which eliminates them from the list of best pets for children under five, as well as immunocompromised patients. 

If those situations don’t apply to you though, you only need to worry about spending for a specific type of enclosure. For your turtle to thrive, this specialized enclosure comes equipped with a filter, heat lamp, large tank, etc. Once you have this, you’re all set and barring any turtle diseases, you and your kids can look forward to caring for your pet turtle for a long time. 

Ready to Own a Pet?  

Now that you know some of the best pets for kids, don’t think you’re limited to what’s listed here. Talk to your children and find out what they think about other good pets such as hamsters, birds, insects, and so on. 

For more tips and advice on pets, don’t hesitate to check out our other posts. 

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