What Freshwater Tropical Fish Can Live Together?

By on May 12, 2021

Many people decide to decorate their homes with different accessories. Some choose fancy curtains, others interesting pillows, but the best way to improve the whole mood in a room is by putting an aquarium in it.

It is a beautiful addition to the whole room, and for that matter, for your home. You can make it an active, thriving ecosystem that lightens the mood of everyone around it. Aquariums can be filled with different fish that will swim together and create a beautiful atmosphere.

However, there are few things you would want to consider before deciding to buy fish. For starters, if you choose incompatible fish to live together, they might kill each other or not being happy at all with their environment.

Yes, there is such a thing as the compatibility of fish. Think about the ocean. The ocean consists of different species, but all of them live in different places. With time, this species learned to survive and create families in areas that are the best for their group.

Just like the ocean, an aquarium has to have species that can coexist without harming one another. How to create the perfect environment for your fish? Continue your reading by clicking the following link: https://www.wikihow.com/Know-Which-Fish-to-Put-Together-in-a-Tank.

Create a nice environment 

You need to focus on creating a friendly environment for these tiny living creatures. Making their aquarium as realistic as possible will improve their living. Many fish like to go exploring and discovering new land.

That is why you should add different accessories inside the tank. You would need to choose fish that coexist and, in the end, they would need more or less the same environment. This will not only help them to live with each other without danger but will also help you to keep the tank healthy and clean.  

For example, species with similar preferences and requirements eat more or less the same food, need the exact water temperature, and require the same pH level of the water. This means that you won’t have to feed every fish separately, but you can feed all of them with the same food.

Size of aquarium 

As mentioned above, the environment of the tank should be of great importance to you. Other than accessories, you should focus on the size of the tank. Crowded fish are less happy with their environment and can get irritated and harm their mates.

To decide the appropriate tank size, you need to decide which types of fish you wish to buy. Don’t forget that they will grow over time, needing more water and more space. So don’t buy an aquarium that is just the right size for your fish at the beginning because they will grow and need more space. Click the link to read more.

You will eventually need a bigger tank or two separate tanks to allow the species to live in a good environment. Their nature has made them eager for larger spaces, oceans, seas, rivers, etc., and that is why you need to respect this.


Another thing that you will probably see on the internet as an important factor is the shape of the aquarium. For example, barbs want wide aquariums because they are considered to be active fish. They need the space to explore and spend the energy.

On the other hand, angelfish don’t need this space because it is considered to be in the group of less active ones. This means that if you are considering buying gouramis, discus, or angelfish, a narrow tank will be just fine for you. But to decide the right tank, you need to choose the species you will purchase, right?


As said above, different fish has different needs. These little things communicate with each other in different signals and ways. Metaphorically speaking, it is like they speak their language depending on their living area.

So, if you put species that are not compatible, they won’t understand each other’s signals and can be misinterpreted. That is why researching the type of fish will give you information about their origin, whether they are territorial or aggressive species, and much more.

For example, territorial ones do not like sharing their space with other species. They want to dominate that region and will attack someone who is on their way. You should know that Splashy Fish Store – live freshwater fish for sale online or others can be a great place to find what you are looking for. There are even some fish that are better kept alone in a tank. This will suit best to both the fish and everyone around it.

How do you learn more about the species? Contact a professional that knows this stuff and ask for an opinion. They will know which combinations are the best according to your wishes.


The age of the fish matters most when you are thinking about their size and personality. Although when they are little, they have one character, when they grow, they might turn out to be completely different. Again, consulting the local retailer or other professionals will help you learn more about the species, how they grow, and whether they are aggressive or easygoing.

For example, predatory ones, like Oscars, according to some reports, can live with goldfish. The trick is to buy them at the same age. Although you would immediately think that predators would swallow the goldfish in their first attempt, that is not the case. After a while, they learn to coexist without harming each other.


As you can see by now, there are many things you need to consider before buying an aquarium. This is like keeping a pet. Before you buy a pet, you need to consider if you have the proper environment for it, right?

Gender is another thing that might affect your decision. For example, males are considered to be a little bit more aggressive than females. They like to take their territory and “prove their point.” A cichlid is a good example of this.

If you have many males in the tank, they might attack each other or even kill. Take your time and decide carefully. Having an aquarium is a wonderful experience; just be sure to choose the right one for you.

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