What You Need To Know About CBD Oil For Dogs

By on August 16, 2019

In recent years, hemp derivatives are being tested in pets for their therapeutic effects, although in smaller doses because their organisms are more vulnerable other than those of people.

It should be noted that to avoid an adverse effect, CBD edibles, creams and oils must be manufactured without THC, responsible for producing addiction. CBD oil for dogs has many benefits and some of side effects. It’s good to know everything before you feed CBD oil to your pet.

Therapeutic uses in Dogs

Recent research has determined that receptors called cannabinoids found in pets’ bodies receive the same analgesic, oxygenating and anti-inflammatory effects discovered in humans. Specifically, the CB1 receptor affects the brain area and CB2 in the immune system.

Of course, the doses vary depending on other factors such as the breed, size and medical condition of the pet. For more specific information on the medicinal use of CBD, you should consult your veterinarian.

Regarding the condition of its consumption, cannabidiol is legal in the United States, Spain and Germany. In fact, there is currently a wide variety of products such as food, ointments and oils made with the miraculous plant to relieve diseases such as arthritis, cancer and chronic pain.

CBD is also known in veterinarians’ offices for effectively reducing pain because it relaxes the receptor called Vaniloid in the brain, especially during chronic diseases. Another effect has been its relationship with the less frequent occurrence of seizures in pets.

In a study published by Publi Med in 2012 on dermatitis in dogs, it was found that this oil quickly heals the lesions in the epidermis and reduces inflammation, by regulating the natural sebum of can.

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While the Department of Clinical Sciences of the Itaca University of New York determined in 2018, the direct link between cannabidiol (in oil) and the significant improvement of dogs suffering from bone arthritis.

In turn, clinical studies in rats have determined that this component has been responsible for lowering the number of cancer cells in the body. Therefore, medical research will continue to evaluate this natural substance used as a remedy in pets.

Relieves Excessive Anxiety

Like humans, pets suffer chemical imbalances in their neurotransmitters, so they become very hyperactive, anxious or conversely, they become depressed. In order to treat these effects, one of the most used CBD products is the CBD flower. Cannabidiol stimulates the production of serotonin, which is diminished by external agents such as pyrotechnics, lightning or abandonment or death of one of its owners.

As a positive consequence in treated dogs, increased appetite has been detected. This improves the physical and psychological condition of the beloved pet, as well as the brightness of its fur and its mood.

Minimal Side Effects

These studies have also detected a very low presence of adverse sensations in animals after ingesting this product as lethargy and drowsiness and in very strange cases, itching and vomiting. To avoid poisoning, at the time of observing an allergic reaction, its use must be suspended and taken to the veterinarian.

Users who still see this remedy with skepticism for fear of possible addictions should know that CBD is a byproduct of the hemp leaf that has been treated to eliminate THC, an illegal substance in several countries for recreational use.

For all this, it is important to check the labels of cannabidiol products, which do not have THC, especially if they are going to be consumed by pets, which are more sensitive to the effects of this psychotropic. And verify that it is a product, which meets the Spanish and CE sanitary quality.

As has been observed, science and technology advance every day to improve the quality of life of people and their spoiled pets.

Just as their owners use CBD oil to relieve their physical, psychological and even emotional ailments, veterinarians have proven optimal results in its application to relieve the most recurrent symptoms such as inflammation, pain, anxiety and epileptic attacks in dogs.

When having a pet at home, other aspects such as feeding, hydration, sports activity and affection should be taken care of.

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