Why You Should Consider Training Your Dog

By on June 26, 2019

Dogs have been around humans for ages. The canines have proved to be the most faithful and loyal pets, a reason which makes more people interested in keeping them. At least 40% of dog owners admit that they speak to their dogs and divulge their most intimate issues to them! In addition, the pets have a positive attitude which they easily infect the people around them. But you can get more if you train your dog to be much more than a pet.

While humans thrive best in an environment where they interact with fellow humans, there is abundant evidence in research which shows that do owners are, on average, happier. Non-pet owners are highly likely to suffer mental health problems like depression compared to dog owners. The reason behind this finding is that caring for a dog demands one to be active most of the time. Also, dogs give love which is crucial in pumping up your oxytocin levels.

A trained dog is helpful beyond merely helping you to stay positive. Here is why you should consider getting that dog some service dog training skills to make your life fuller.

  1. The dogs’ own safety

Oftentimes, dog owners think about themselves and their well being oblivious of the fact that dogs’ wellbeing matters too. By talking about the welfare of a dog is not to imply the dog’s health and nutritional needs. Dog owners can agree that the pets give back love. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the dogs too need some caring for their emotional needs. However, your dog will not be in a position to understand your concerns if it is not well trained.

For instance, the dog must be able to understand and to respond appropriately to your voice commands. This way, you will be able to stop the dog from bolting off the leash and into the path of an oncoming truck. Also, this kind of training will increase the likelihood of the dog to behave well even in the presence of strangers.

  1. For assistance

In the United States, the Americans with Disabilities Act recognizes the ability of dogs to assist physically handicapped people. For the pets to be able to perform certain tasks for the disabled as desired, training is mandatory.

Service dog training is a serious endeavor the world over. While the dogs can perform a wide variety of tasks, they must be trained to distinguish between tasks which are helpful to the disabled person and those which might not be helpful. For instance, a dog can be trained to guide a blind person to navigate their surroundings without posing a danger to themselves. The pets can also perform hearing tasks to assist those who are either hard-of-hearing or completely deaf.

Training a dog as a helper extends beyond civilian use. The world over, dogs accompany law enforcement and military personnel to sensitive missions. Properly trained dogs can sniff out drugs from the bowels of their hideout. Also, some dogs get special training to identify IEDs and other explosives.

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