40 Greatest Reasons to Own a Cat

By on October 16, 2018

Miranda LaSala, content editor at PurringPal, a website dedicated to cats and their “inspurring” love, is an ailurophile whose fondness for feline friends is immeasurable. It’s no wonder, she says, that the total number of pet cats in the U.S. is nearly 100 million.

With crowd interest being that high, she and her team at PurringPal decided to create a detailed infographic entitled “40-in-1: 40 Greatest Reasons to Own a Cat“, which we’re sure our cat lovers in Omaha will enjoy. Take a peek at the graphic below, prepared by PurringPal.



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Eric is a pet lover, bookworm and dad. He's had 5 family dogs, 4 cats, a cottontail rabbit he nursed back to health, and two ducks. Cats are his preference, but Eric loves all little critters.

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