8 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds For Busy People

By on April 21, 2022

Dogs can make anyone feel less alone. When no one else can, they’ll be there for you, and one of the most fulfilling things you can do is share your life with them. However, owning a dog is a lot of work. You’ll have to give them a proper home, feed them right, let them get enough exercise, and take them to the vet for health check-ups. A busy person may think they’re not fit to welcome a dog into their home.

However, the good news is that even a busy person can be an excellent dog owner. If you’re too busy every day yet want to have a dog, choose low-maintenance dog breeds. This doesn’t mean they can be left alone for a long time or don’t need any exercise at all. Even if you choose a low-maintenance breed, there’s no such thing as a dog that requires zero maintenance. All of them will need your love and attention.

Below is a list of the ideal dog breeds for busy people. These dogs are usually easier to care for, don’t require strenuous exercises, and have very few health care needs. 

  1. Greyhound

A big misconception about this racing dog is that it’s not a hyperactive dog. For the most part, Greyhounds are lazybones that relish every opportunity to laze around with their humans. Although they love regular walks and occasional runs, they don’t necessitate much physical activity.

Moreover, greyhounds tend to have very good health. You only need to feed them food that’ll provide them with the necessary energy, keep their fur shiny and slick, and keep their brain engaged and active. From here, you’ll find all the information you need regarding feeding them. Additionally, greyhounds are known for being gentle and receptive when it comes to training. 

  1. Cavalier

Do you prefer a well-behaved, friendly, kind, and adaptable canine companion? In that case, the Cavalier is the best choice for you. Cavaliers tend to always look like puppies. They range from small to medium and often weigh less than 18 pounds. They’re generally well-behaved pets who get the most joy out of cuddling with a human or another canine. They’re also hypoallergenic and less prone to shedding.

  1. French Bulldog

French bulldogs are good with a day of lounging. It’s even said that they’re one of the happiest dog breeds out there. However, even though they have a lot of energy, they aren’t suited for strenuous exercises due to their lack of stamina. Nevertheless, French Bulldogs are polite and responsive to basic training. 

  1. Poodle

There are three sizes of poodles: standard, small, and toy. They’re a more intellectual and energetic breed and they adapt well to their human companions. And because of its adaptability, it requires little maintenance. They’re energetic canines who prefer to mirror their owners’ energy levels. 

Moreover, poodles are a hypoallergenic breed, which means they have a short, low-allergen coat that sheds less. Since their hair grows fast, it needs to be brushed and clipped frequently to avoid tangling.

  1. Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier is another option if you prefer a smaller to medium-sized dog companion. They’re laid-back and easy to train, with moderate energy and a generally healthy body. They require some basic grooming, but they don’t necessitate frequent trimming. Periodic brushing will help to keep their coats healthy.

  1. Mastiff

Have you set your heart on a big couch potato dog? Mastiffs are massive canines with low energy levels and little stamina. Mastiff puppies tend to be playful and active, but they’re also very calm and quiet. And as they grow older, they remain devoted to their family.

In contrast to other breeds, these dogs live shorter lives. Most of them don’t live beyond the age of 11 or so. As soon as they turn six, they’re considered seniors.

  1. Bullmastiff

When it comes to large dogs, the bullmastiff is a good option. While a bullmastiff isn’t nearly as big and sluggish as the mastiff, it still is a giant dog, weighing between 100 and 130 pounds. Their health is also about the same as the mastiffs, but it lives a little longer. With a little more stamina but less endurance, the bullmastiff is slightly superior to the mastiff. 

Daily walks should be sufficient to maintain the happiness and health of this breed. If you’re looking for a dog to lounge in your house when you’re busy, this one is your best bet.

  1. Dachshund

A Dachshund is a sociable and charming dog breed that’s perfect for cuddling with. Despite its laidback attitude, this dog is nevertheless a ball of excitement who enjoys playing or going for a walk in the fresh air. This dog is a joy to teach, but toilet training may require patience and perseverance on your part. Because of its fondness for extended snoozes, the dog is considered a low-maintenance canine.

Dachshunds are known for their stubbornness, so they’ll require some basic training to help them become more disciplined. Most of the time, this breed simply needs a moderate amount of activity. To avoid worsening or developing spinal disorders, it’s recommended to avoid too much jumping and running with their small little legs and long torso.

The Bottom Line

Some folks want the companionship of dogs but don’t have the time to devote to dog care, training, grooming, and other requirements. If you’re a busy person, you’ll want to have a low-maintenance dog as your pet. That said, take a look at the eight dog breeds listed above, with their special characteristics that make them ideal companions for dog lovers with a busy work schedule.

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