4 Reasons Why Dog Training is So Important

By on September 29, 2021

If you are wondering why so many people spend a small fortune on training their dogs, or spend so much of their time trying to train their four legged friend, you’re not the only one. Dogs are awesome pets, but if you don’t bother training your dog, you will struggle to communicate with them. 

Training provides your dog with mental stimulation, which will make your pet feel happy. Combining training and exercise is a great way to improve your dog’s mental and physical health. Dealing with a dog that misbehaves regularly can be extremely stressful for both you and your dog. As dog owners, you are responsible for your pet. Every dog, no matter what breed the dog is or the age of the dog, he or she should be trained. 

  1. Safety

If you want your dog to avoid eating toxic food, or you want them to avoid getting into a dog fight, you will want to be in control of your pet. Simple commands like “leave it” and “stay” can help your dog stay safe, whether they are at home or in the dog park. For example, if you drop some grapes on the floor (if a dog eats a grape they might need medical attention), they might want to eat it before you get the chance to pick it up. If your dog knows the “leave it” command, they won’t touch the fruit. This can also work while you are walking your dog. If your dog sees a rabbit while on a stroll, they might want to chase after it. If you tell them to “leave it” and get them to focus their attention on you, they might forget that the rabbit is even there.

Although employing a professional dog training can cost a small fortune, reputable trainers are worth every penny. However, you can learn the different techniques yourself. There are lots of dog training books readily available, and some trainers upload training videos to well-known streaming services like YouTube. There are several different training methods out there, but most people use positive reinforcement these days

  1. A Well Trained Dog Should Have No Problems Socializing with Others

If you lead a busy life, then you might need to put your dog into a boarding kennel now and again. Even if your dog is well behaved at home, if they are not used to socializing with other dogs, you might have a problem finding a kennel that will take him or her. Not everyone can rely on their friends or family members to take care of their dog, so it is vital that your dog is able to get on with other animals. 

When training your dog, get others to help. This way your dog won’t just listen to your commands, but they will listen to others too. If your dog is getting along with the other dogs in the kennel and they obey the kennel’s employees’ commands, you won’t have to worry about cutting your vacation short. Well trained dogs who know to respect boundaries seem to have little problems socializing with other dogs. 

  1. You Won’t Have to Worry About Making Trips to The Vet

From an early age, you will be taking your dog to the veterinarian. They will need plenty of shots and vaccinations to keep them safe. Some veterinarians will refuse to take certain dogs that act aggressive, so they can avoid getting injured. Very few well trained dogs are violent, so you should have no problems bringing them to the vet. In fact, some dogs will enjoy going for checkups, and they don’t mind getting treated. If the vet can’t treat your pet, then how will you know if they have a disease or an infection? 

If your dog has an appointment with his or her vet, consider bringing some tasty treats with you, like the food available on websites such as Scratch. It might be tempting to bring food like this grain free dog food, but you should consider bringing their favorite snack. Reward them while they are with the vet, and give them plenty of praise. 

  1. Training Will Help Stop Unwanted Behavior

Untrained dogs seem to get bored easily, and they get into mischief regularly. This unwanted behavior is normally down to lack of mental stimulation, which can be solved by training them on a regular basis. Every dog will require regular exercise and training to avoid feeling bored. If you want your dog to stop chewing your furniture or chasing after other dogs, you will want to train your pet every day, especially when they are puppies. 

Training is highly rewarding, not just for the dog but the owner too. It can help you build an incredible bond with your furry friend, which can last for years. Keep in mind that your dog wants to please you, but they won’t know how unless you teach them. 

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