Is your pet sick? Here’s how to tell

By on December 7, 2022

How do you know when your furry friends are just having an “off” day or if they’re actually sick?

We know they can’t tell us, but maybe they will show us some behavior that makes us wonder. And if you know what to look for, this might help.

Here’s a short little link that identifies some of the things that might be going on. It seems like a handy thing to bookmark in case you ever need to take a look… Top Ten Signs your Pets are Sick.

We’ve also got a great number of resources available throughout Pets in Omaha when you need a little health information. For example, how do you know how to find the right vet for your new pet? Click here to get some info.

We hope you’ll never need to know about this, but if your pet gets some serious diagnosis, this might be useful.

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