7 Effective Trends In Dog Training

By on August 9, 2018

7 Effective Trends You Need to Try In Dog Training, brought to you by a guest contributor, Freddie of Academized. He’s a pet writer and editor at Academized. He also writes Paper Fellows blog and contributes columns to Australian help and the Vault.


Dog training has always been a dynamic field. Scientists constantly come up with new information and research after research, things get better for our furry friends. Focus has slowly shifted from being strictly on how to make dogs better for humans to making both better for each other.

There have been a lot of new trends considering dogs in recent years – namely the focus on family dogs and even more information how to maintain good training and do the best you can for your dog. For your information, dog training is a great career choice for dog enthusiasts and pet lovers. You can be one.

Here are some of the most popular new trends in dog training:

1. Emphasis on science

More and more trainers are learning the scientific basis of training before venturing into this world. This has been happening and developing for years and now, more than ever, you can trust the trainers to improve your relationship with your dog and give you the right information on how to behave around and with your dog. This also allows them to understand how your dog behaves from your stories – the thing is, not everything you tell them matters and they have become trained to understand what really matters.

2. Less crossover trainers

There has been a change to positive training from coercive training and that’s been happening for years now. However, not all trainers were initially trained that way and some of them kept to their old habits. “But now, trainers begin their education with positive training rather than with coercive training and there are less trainers to cross over. This is a great thing because you can be sure that your dog will be trained in a positive and right manner”, – explains Larry Rickman, a Pet blogger at Ukwritings and Stateofwriting.

3. More focus on family dogs

Dog training used to be for competitions only and that’s what most trainers trained the dogs for – obedience and shows. However, more and more people own dogs and want more from trainers than just basic training for obedience. They want their furry friend to be a good companion and they are ready to invest in it. Therefore, more trainers are now training exclusively for a home environment rather than training for shows and competition. This means more focus on them becoming valuable members of society.

4. Relationships are a top priority

Training is considered to be more effective if a person has a strong bond with the dog. The trainers are trying to develop a relationship with dogs and strengthen those relationships before trying to teach them anything. This results in the idea that dogs are members of our families and not just pets to play with. With a good bond between the dog and the trainer, the training can be done more successfully and quickly than ever.

5. Training with emphasis on people

While training used to be more about dogs once – the trainers used to focus on dogs than the client’s behaviour – now, trainers take the owner’s behaviour into account as well. Belia Ponce, a Training blogger at Boomessays comments: “They make sure that the owner knows how to behave around the dog, what to do and what to avoid, how to understand what the dog needs. The training isn’t just about the dog any more, but rather about dog and the human working together to build a better relationship and eliminate the stress of misunderstanding”.

6. More information to offer

Instead of simply evaluating the dog’s response to simple commands, the trainers now pay special attention to the dog’s overall well-being and how that affects the dog’s behaviour. After the training is done, they offer an abundance of information that can be used to maintain the good behaviour and health of the dog.

7. More interest in play behaviour

Play has always been considered a fun things that dogs do but that wasn’t necessarily related to training – except for training puppies, that is. However, dog’s play time is a big topic in the world of dog training and the one that is really important.

“The trainers have realized that play directly affects the quality of the dog’s life, the relationship the dog has with his owners and the overall well-being of the dog including health. The play time is also important for relationships with other dogs, animals and children”, – says John Greer, a Pet writer and editor at Essayroo and Study demic.

Final Thoughts

The main take away from the new training trends is that now more than ever, you can find a suitable training for your dog where you can be sure that both you and your trainer are doing the best you can for your dog. More and more trainers are leaving their other business careers and focusing more on training, becoming professional trainers with their own companies. The focus which was mostly on making your dog obedient so far has shifted to your dog and you being better companions to each other and that is the best thing that you can do for your dog.

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