Basic winter coat care tips for your pets

By on December 1, 2013

Shedding, even if it seems excessive at different times of the year, is normal.  The majority of dogs and cats shed their hair; albeit some more than others.  Depending upon the type of breed you have, you may notice your poor pet losing more of their hair as the temperatures begin to fall.  As the days become shorter, the heat within your home rises and the humidity changes- so does your pet’s coat consistency.  Their fur is actually stimulated by the change in seasons, triggering their body to lose or grow fur accordingly.

If you notice more pet hair around your house, rest assured that it is simply because of the season!  Your pet is preparing its fur for the colder weather.  According to Purina, “low humidity and sitting in front of a hearth are both causes of dry skin and shedding.  If your pet begins so show signs of dryness, such as flaky skin and constantly scratching, take a moment to assess the reason behind the irritation.  Counteract this by brushing to remove dead hairs and skin and to stimulate the oil glands.”

The Dog Press also has some great guidelines for cold weather coat care. Click their link to read some great information. Pets Webmd reminds us that as fur gets wet, it actually loses the ability to keep pets warm.  There are a variety of products that can protect your pet’s fur, including a silicone based spray-in conditioner designed to protect your dog’s coat in the winter.  This conditioner repels the snow, protecting your dog’s fur from getting wet.

Keep your pet’s coat care routine consistent throughout the year.  Regularly bathe your dog; however, keep in mind that too much bathing can deplete skin and fur of natural moisturizers.  There are specific pet moisturizers that can be purchased which are geared to the specific needs of your pets, which will help to seal in those essential oils.

If your dog has a double coat, you may benefit from a “raking” type of product.  That amazing double coat assists your dog with staying cooler in warmer climates and warmer when it gets cold outside.  Double coat raking allows you to get to the undercoat and safely remove loose hair from your pet.

Bathing your pet is still important in the colder months. The ASPCA recommends: “If you bathe your dog during cold weather, please ensure that his coat is totally dry before you take him outdoors.”  Use a towel to remove any traces of water, and allow your pet’s fur to air dry before letting it out of the warm house.


There are amazing products available for soothing the scratchiness that comes from falling temperatures.  From soft gel supplements to moisturizing shampoos, these products can help your four-legged friends to be more comfortable this winter.  Specialized pet brushes are available in a multitude of sizes and designed for all types of fur.  Proper brushing can provide immediate relief for your pet’s scratchiness while helping to remove any unwanted extra hair.

Here’s the bottom line: keep your pets out of the cold weather as much as possible. Consider the type of fur your pet has and adjust accordingly. We at Pets in Omaha recently published an article on caring for your pets during the cold months, so be sure to refer to that for more cold weather tips.  Also be sure to peruse through our Directory if you are in need of a trusted veterinarian or groomer for your beloved friend.

Good luck and keep your pets warm and safe by using these wonderful tips! Want more information like this? Be sure to subscribe by entering your email address in the text box atop our homepage.



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