A Boxer Mystery, help HUA treat dogs and save lives

By on February 10, 2017

Hearts United for Animals, located in Auburn, NE, has recently seen an influx of Boxers-  the way they’re found is surely troubling to the group. Something strange is happening. And though HUA likely knows how the pups eventually arrive under their care, no one has been able to pinpoint exactly how to stop these dogs from being mistreated and left to die.

Here’s a Facebook post HUA has allowed us to share. Hopefully someone can read and point the group in a direction that leads to this stopping. And hopefully many will read and act, helping HUA save these dogs and thousands of others they see each and every year. Here’s the post:

“This precious animal is HUA’s newest resident. Last weekend, Faye was found by a good samaritan out in the country in a ditch, freezing, starving, and foraging for any tiny morsel to ease the deep ache in her belly. When she arrived at the shelter, it was not food or water that she wanted, however. It was love. Before tasting the delicious food we offered, Faye wandered from person to person, resting her regal head on a knee or in the palm of a hand. Her gratitude was deep and profuse.

Our horror and shock over the physical condition of this elderly animal quickly turned to rage. Faye is skin and bones. She has oozing infections in her eyes.There are sores on her tail and her teeth are worn and broken. Her body temperature was much lower than was safe for her. She was so loving to each and every human that our hearts just broke for her.

After Faye had greeted everyone, her caregiver, Beck, decided that a warm, soapy bath would feel like heaven to her. He was right. She sighed and closed her beautiful brown eyes as Beck massaged her weary bones and washed away the stench and filth caused by years of abuse and neglect.

Over the years HUA, has taken in several younger Boxers found in or around the same spot where Faye was. We have also accepted others surrendered by their families that live close by. This area abounds in unwanted Boxers and it infuriates us. We suspect that several backyard breeders are selling puppies and getting rid of the ones that don’t sell. We are appalled at the thought that Faye was mother to some and can only assume she was thrown out once she stopped producing puppies. It is with such sadness that we entertain this possibility but we are overcome with gratitude that she is now at the shelter, safe and warm and loved by all.

Rescues at Hearts United for Animals are constant. The old, the sick, the starved and the beaten cross our threshold in insurmountable numbers. Dogs that would face certain death–either out in the wilderness or in an overcrowded kill shelter–are welcomed with love and commitment. We have the freedom to do this because of our kind and generous contributors who see the importance in such work and we thank you for your continued support.

If you would like to make a donation toward Faye’s care, please visit our website at :






For more on Hearts United, find our Support HUA page here. 

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