Burial, cremation… composting? A new alternative for pet owners

By on March 27, 2018

Breaking news from the deceased animal disposal alternatives department: you’ve now got another choice when it comes to your pet’s remains.

The famed and literary undertaker Thomas Lynch once wrote that, in the end, we’re all resigned to either “field or fire,” referring to our places of final rest. That is, we either go in the ground or into a crematorium. And as human behavior changes go, so goes the way we treat our animals (see diet, rights, apparel, etc.).

Instead of the traditional ways we treat our animal remains only, there’s something new happening. Actually, it’s not “new,” but it at least accelerates the process that goes with our field resting.

Some like to put their animals in the ground at home or in a special place elsewhere. Others have a pet urn or spread ashes in nature. Now, another segment of the population will have their pets turned into compost- professionally.

In this article, we learned about a young woman whose 15-year-old pup and best friend recently died. To honor her pet’s memory, she sent her dog’s remains to a company called Rooted. About two months later, the company sent her dog back to her in a big, green bucket as an organic and rich soil.

More environmentally-friendly that burial, composting is now “a thing”. The woman in the article plans to use the soil to plant a tree. This way, she’ll have a beautiful tree that was helped to grow using her animal’s remains. It’s unique and we’re sure it’ll be a hit with many pet owners soon.

What say you? Is this a cool idea or what? Creepy? Fitting? Just another way to honor a pet? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page or login here to leave a comment.

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