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By on April 11, 2017

The first thing one will see when visiting the official website of NoBowl, a new product used for feeding cats, is a giant banner: “4 out of 5 cat owners say NoBowl makes their cats happier.” With a claim like this, how could one not want to check it out? Making our pets happier is a top priority for sure.

What’s really cool is the science behind the product. In short, NoBowl uses the knowledge that cats are hunters in order to make a product that satisfies their instincts. There’s a 24/7 “Seeking Circuit” that NoBowl explains: a cat hunts 10-20 times a day in between sleeping, grooming, eating, and playing. Hunting releases dopamine in the brain and dopamine makes cats eager and excited. And we all know that engaging and enriching our cats is important for their well being.

So we know cats like to hunt and this product satisfies that natural behavior in cats. What then is NoBowl?

NoBowl is a practical and functional toy that combines the hunt, the play with food that comes naturally to cats, and the food that cats need. A mouse-sized, pouch-looking toy that contains food which rattles its way out from two holes is the best way we can describe NoBowl. Fill the thing up, give it to the cat, let hunting and playing and eating commence. It’s pretty ingenious.

“Eating from a bowl denies (cats) this natural (hunting) cycle entirely,” the NoBowl site says, “yet the need to hunt remains instinctual. Toys engage cats in the seeking circuit, putting them in a heightened state of arousal.”

This (and the overwhelming response to the feeding system) is the how and why behind NoBowl being last year’s No. 1 cat product at Superzoo, the largest pet product expo in the U.S.

If you are interested in ditching the bowl (or at least combining the hunt with the bowl method), take a look through the NoBowl site. There, you’ll read more about the product, see what options are available, and learn about transitioning your kitty from bowl to NoBowl. You’ll be able to order online, read testimonials and more as well.

In addition to NoBowl, there are many new feeding products; automatic feeders for cats are becoming more advanced, affordable, and popular. has recently completed a Buyer’s Guide on auto feeders that is helpful. Cats have to be fed at regular time interval to keep them healthy and ensure they get accustomed to a regular feeding pattern, says Best1x, and “That’s why we’ve tested and compared in depth reviews of the best automatic cat feeder 2017 on the market to make the decision of purchasing one a little bit easier.”

To find a complete automatic cat feeder review for 2017, click here to study

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