Curiosity + Cats = Trouble! A story from Urgent Pet Care

By on December 29, 2016

Urgent Pet Care is one of Omaha’s go-to vet clinics, especially because its two locations (Papillion and Millard) are open between the times your veterinarian’s office closes, through the night, and until normal business hours resume at traditional clinics. We recently found a cute, albeit scary for the family during time in which it was happening, story about Charlie the cat.

From the Urgent Pet Care blog: Cats are naturally curious. That curiosity does get them in trouble from time to time.  The Gillespie family was greeted with a surprise when they arrived home. Charlie (their cat) had jumped up on a shelf and stuck his head in a metal vase.

Unfortunately, he was not able to get his head back out. The Gillespies tried  petroleum jelly on his neck and head hoping to  slip the vase off, but he was stuck.  They brought him to Urgent Pet Care where he was rushed to the treatment room. He was given a short-acting anesthetic and the doctor was able to slip the vase off.

Charlie received a bath after his ordeal to wash the jelly off and left much happier than when he arrived. You never know what will spark a cat’s curiosity.



And on that note, cat owners should take a close look around the house to survey what could potentially get kitties in trouble. If you are a cat owner, nothing your cat does surprises you, but be vigilant and do your best to keep the wolf from the door. Vases, like Charlie’s, and plastic bags are attractive to cats, for whatever reason. Make sure cats can’t slip into utility rooms, laundry appliances, or other places you might not look for them before starting some machine up and potentially harming kitty.

It’s in their nature to be curious, so be a safety advocate for them. They will find a way to get into mischief, so be prepared and understanding!


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