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By on March 23, 2017

There’s a recent article on Rover.com listing nine “surprisingly dangerous” foods that your dogs shouldn’t eat. Most of them were not a surprise to us, but we suppose that’s the intention of them writing about the foods and us reporting about their article- to let those who don’t know, know. So. Here are the nine foods they say should never be given to your pups and a little explanation why. For the full article, click here.

  • Popcorn- unless you’re eating it with nothing added, the popcorn you typically ingest is high in fat and sodium. Those aren’t good for anyone. The article also cites that unpopped kernels can also be hard on teeth while shells are harmful to gums. Eat a dog treat, it says, for a crunchy alternative.
  • Avocado- the second item on the list is the first sort-of-misleading thing, but we will press on! The meat of the avocado is not harmful In fact, you’ll find it in many dog foods. The meat is not the problem, rather it’s the leaves and skin that are. The site cites the ASPCA in saying that some really awful stuff can happen to your dog should he eat avocado skin or leaves, which we believe for sure. Lesson: keep unprepared avocados out of Fido’s reach, but let him eat the meat.
  • Macadamia nuts- there’s something about these nuts that is toxic to dogs. Most dogs, however, don’t see any ill effects after eating them, the site says. It’s likely that a high volume of them can be toxic, but if we’re going down that road, then many seemingly benign things become hazardous. Everything in moderation, even moderation as they say. Steer clear just to be safe.
  • Grapes- Ok. Here’s one that is serious. It’s unclear why some dogs are susceptible to renal failure and some aren’t as a result of grape consumption, but there are dogs that have died after eating juicy grapes. Kidneys shutting down is part of a deadly recipe, so don’t give your dog grapes.
  • Onions and garlic- Here’s an item that truly is surprising to most. Onions and garlic (often ingested in food, but more likely ingested in supplements for dogs) are part of the Allium plant family and those plants are toxic to dogs. We don’t suspect many of us are treating our dogs to an onion as a treat, but like the article says, think twice about giving your dog an onion ring you’ve gotten from the fast food joint.
  • Tomato plants and raw potatoes- a red tomato isn’t toxic, but an unripened, green one from the vine can do bad things to a dog’s brain and/or gastrointestinal system.   The same goes for spuds. Your dog can eat mashed potatoes, french fries, and more without much happening other than maybe an upset tummy, but a green tater has the same effect as the green tomato does. Green toms/pots = solanine, a toxic little something in the plants that is dangerous. Keep your pup out of the garden.
  • Coffee, soda, tea, and other things containing caffeine- Yes. You have to stop giving your dog half-caff, iced soy caramel macchiatos right now. If your pup ever has contact with these items, first we want to know how and why. Second, you should know that caffeine is a stimulant and is definitely not great for dogs. No caffeine. Side effects can be vomiting, diarrhea, and other messy things.
  • Dairy- All those years, you’ve been training your dog with cheese snacks?! Cheese itself is ok, like some of the other things listed above, but too much can cause some “blockages” and/or eventually lead to obesity. This is a little stretch by Rover.com as well, but we get it. It’s the old “glass of wine” thing. One glass of wine can promote heart health. Four glasses of wine and all of a sudden you’re making bad decisions and flirting with the waiter.
  • Sugar-free things, like chewing gum- Sugar free, in this case, isn’t meant to say “no sugar,” it’s meant to say that what you’re eating contains a sugar substitute, like Xylitol. These artificial substances are awful, even lethal to dogs. We know you aren’t giving your dog gum, but keep your pack out of reach. Xlitol can lead to low-blood sugar (hypoglycemia) which is bad news.

Some of these things are new to you while others are obvious and proven to stick in our minds. The lesson here is to, one, keep your dog away from these things and, two, be mindful of what you give your dog. People say it all the time- “My dog is like family!” or “I care about what I put in my body, so I care about what goes into my dog’s.” But sometimes we get careless and throw a dog a “harmless” treat. Just be careful and you’ll enjoy each other’s company for a long time.


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