What’s the difference between feral and stray cats?

By on February 18, 2015

Feral cats are pervasive in our community. Few know what feral actually means and even fewer know how to help. Feral cats are those who have been abandoned or never had the chance at living anywhere but out on their own. Strays have likely had some interaction with humans and will behave differently than feral kitties. Feline Friendz puts it this way: if when you approach a cat they turn tail and run, they’re likely feral. The result of not knowing how to help them? Death to too many of our innocent cats.  Fortunately, we have you readers and some very special people that are making a big difference in our community. One of those people is Michelle Hinchcliff, a foster mom for many cats from Feline Friendz. If you have not read about the amazing rescue Feline Friendz, do so here. There, you’ll learn more about the rescue and the difference between feral and stray cats.

The Hinchcliffs own H&H Kia and H&H Chevy and have a passion for helping the community. We will be publishing Michelle Hinchcliff’s interview and story soon. Before we do that, we wanted to give you a chance to brush up on your feral cat knowledge and check out Feline Freindz.



Here’s a little bit about the Hinchcliffs and their efforts:

The owners of H&H Kia and H&H Chevy did a presentation to all 150 employees about Feline Friendz and took their four foster cats into the dealership. The Hinchcliffs are awesome people! Michelle has set traps for feral cats and walked the woods in the dark with flashlights to find and save cats. They have opened their home to foster cats in need, financially sponsored cats in need and now have educated all their employees on feral cats and Feline Friendz.

More to come soon.

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