New Digital Adoption Guide at Nebraska Humane Society shows off adoptable pups

By on June 18, 2016

First dates with potential forever families can be scary for dogs.

Just like humans, they can become anxious when meeting a new person. For humans, our hands may begin to sweat and we might stumble over our words. Dogs, on the other hand, may pee in the kennel or not approach the fence to meet potential owners.

These are dogs that don’t “show well,” according to Pam Wiese, Vice President of Human Relations at the Nebraska Humane Society.

Because these dogs don’t show well, people think they aren’t sociable and decide not to adopt them.

“Many dogs are stressed in the kennel and even going into a get acquainted room won’t distract them enough to showcase their best qualities to a potential adopter,” Wiese said.

The Nebraska Humane Society believes that every dog is worthy of a forever family and being shy doesn’t change that, these dogs just need a little more help.

To help solve the problem, the Nebraska Humane Society has teamed up with volunteer Sue Calef from the Doggone Production Team to create a digital adoption guide.

Calef takes videos of the dogs while they are outside, running around and having fun, showing their personalities.

“Showing off a dog goofing around, playing and enjoying people helps others see how the dog REALLY interacts,” Wiese said.

The videos are then posted on the TVs in the “nook” section outside of the adoption kennels and on the side of the cattery. Previously, the software they had only allowed them to show the videos on the online pet profiles or social media.

“As folks come to the shelter to look at potential pets, or as they wait to meet animals, they might be interested in one of the featured pets, and we might just find a home for someone who has been looking for a very long time,” Wiese said.

With this new step, the Nebraska Humane Society is hoping to give dogs that don’t show-well an equal chance at finding a forever home.

So, if you see a dog at the shelter, but are discourage by shyness, take a look at the digital adoption guide. There, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what your pup has to offer when he or she is out of the kennel.


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