Dog auction philosophy + the absurdity of owning pets

By on September 21, 2018

We’re always sifting through hundreds of headlines, summaries, and social media shares, deciding on what we can post or repost about that you’ll enjoy. We use discretion while at the same time being efficient with time, often choosing one story from 100 we’ve seen in a given day or two.

That said, sometimes we read things that are highly interesting and/or controversial and/or esoteric and/or would require more time or resources we’ve got to detail. Below, find a couple of links to those kinds of things.

The first we enjoyed recently but couldn’t add much to is right up the alley of those who love reading stories conflating classic philosophy and hot-button animal community issues. A reporter from a popular (relatively) philosophy magazine sat in on an auction where breeders sold worn out momma dogs to other breeders or animal rescuers, upon which said reporter mused about what Kant, Singer, and others would say, according to their positions on morality, about behavior seen in a setting like a Missouri dog auction (which is, interestingly if you didn’t know, legal).

Check that article out here, send a link over to friends to show them how sophisticated you are, or give it a read in case you need an icebreaker for your next dinner party.

The second story involves the idea that, at least according to a new novel’s author, it’s “Actually pretty weird that we keep animals as pets.” We understand that most folks reading content on a website like Pets in Omaha will disagree. We also understand that there are some who, especially if they enjoy applying classical ethics to dog auctions, will entertain the idea of reading a few hundred pages about large people owning little people, applied metaphorically out of an author’s feelings about her cat. I, for one, will put it on my “to read” list…

Read the author’s pitch and intent in an article from LitHub. And if you’re a reader of books, make sure to subscribe to its emails.

Got a story you wish someone would write? We’re, as stated above, always entertaining ideas for content, so hit us up!

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