Dog hit by car doing well, spreading joy

By on March 28, 2017

Two summers back, Tom Millie lived a traumatic story involving his dog Hugo, a distraction, and an oncoming car. The characters mentioned here can help one put the sad pieces together, but the end of the story is yet to be written- thankfully. Hugo and Tom are doing well today (though there are some leftover implications of the accident) and Hugo’s become a beacon of hope and the source of many smiles.

“Hugo is healthy,” Tom says. Though he’s blind in one eye and Tom has to express Hugo’s bladder, things are good considering the other possible outcomes.

The response to Hugo’s story and history was (and always is) positive. Tom received some helpful funds from a GoFundMe campaign and Hugo was able to start his recovery. Today, you might find Tom and Hugo playing catch or going for a stroll. Hugo’s walks are aided by a two-wheeled seat attached to his back end. It’s pretty sweet.

Hugo also has a job outside of being Tom’s right hand dog. The official Hugo Millie Facebook page lists Hugo’s occupation as Guard Dog/Companion at The Auction Mill where Tom works. “I had to create a Facebook page because he has a lot of fans,” Tom says. The page, found here, includes a ton of videos and pictures of Hugo.

“Hugo just had an exam the other day, and other than needing lose a couple pounds, he checks out well,” Tom says. “He loves his wheels and he is a good little boy. He would love an updated story on Pets in Omaha!”

Here you go, Hugo! Keep on making folks smile. We’re glad you are here.


On a side note, Tom is looking to find someone to express Hugo’s bladder on the occasion that Tom leaves town. If Tom has to leave town for a day or two, he has to board Hugo due to his bladder issues. Tom can teach if necessary. Contact Tom through Hugo’s Facebook page (link above).

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