Dogs on Adventure: Shakespeare on the Green

By on July 6, 2017

Greetings! Tis’ I Paco! I’m excited to share my latest adventure with “Pets in Omaha”. You may have heard that Shakespeare on the Green is in full force on the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus, but did you know it’s dog friendly and really fun?

When Mom was invited to do a set, she’s a stand-up comedian as well as my Mom, at Wednesday night’s pre-show, I wasn’t to sure I wanted to go. I’m a trail dog, hiking is my thing. Mom explained that it’s important to try new things and not to worry, it’s outside – I was totally on board.  As it turns out, performing arts are absolutely pawsome!

I made some new friends and learned a lot of fun stuff. This is Nebraska Shakespeare’s 31st Season! They are one of the few remaining free admission Shakespeare Theatres in the country. Through the support of our community Nebraska Shakespeare is able to continue this tradition that helps make our community so great! Paws Up!

The pre-show started with the director and some of the actors talking about how they stage combat in King Lear. It was very interesting. Then, my Mom, Aubree Sweeney opened the comedy portion, followed by The Badland Girls and Comedy Troupe, Big Canvas.

If you’d like to have the “King Lear” experience, your last chance is July 8th. King Lear is just asking for disaster when he disowns his youngest daughter and splits his kingdom between his two eldest daughters, who aren’t very nice. He quickly realizes that he’s made a very big mistake, but it’s too late.

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If you prefer comedy, “The Merry Wives of Windsor” will be playing July 7th and 9th. Imagining that Mistress Ford and Mistress Page have both fallen for him, Sir John Falstaff seduces them both, as much for their husbands’ money as anything else. Wise to his tricks, the women turn the tables and make a fool of the cowardly knight.

I thought the costumes were very cool, I’ve never seen anyone dressed like that on a trail. In Shakespeare’s time, clothes reflected a person’s status in society. There were laws controlling what people could wear. I wonder what my green collar would have meant back then.  When a play called for a King, Queen or person of great wealth the actors wore costumes that would reflect the social status of the character they were playing.  Costumes were mostly modern day for the time. For less important roles, an actor might wear his own clothes. This is still the standard today in film and television.  If an actor is working background or just has a couple lines, it’s common for him or her to be responsible for their own hair, make-up and attire.

Make-Up has come along way since Shakespeare’s time! Some natural ingredients that were harmless were used for foundation, such as, powdered hog bones mixed with poppy oils. This gave boys who were playing women paler skin. Women weren’t allowed to act back then. Foundation could also be made by mixing poisonous white lead with vinegar in a concoction called, “ceruse”. Very scary!

Mom and I had a great time at Shakespeare on the Green. I bet you and your humans will too! Pack up a picnic, blanket, bug spray and enjoy the show! For more information about the event, click here.


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