What should you feed your cat? Food research here will help

By on March 1, 2016

Recently, reviews.com completed research on nearly every cat food available to you as a pet parent. We’re happy to share their results here. For your cat and dog food needs, please shop locally, healthy, and with our partners! See our Directory page for local retailers who can help you decide what’s best for your kitty or puppy.


The team at Reviews.com has helped cat owners understand what’s truly in cat food by creating a helpful analysis on the best cat foods.

By examining over 100 brands – it appears that only 38 of them identified one approved formula. How did they go about conducting this research and how exactly did they know which questions to ask first? They started with the myths. Should cats eat only organic? Is wet food better because of the moisture? Things of that nature started to narrow down to finding the best type of cat food for ones pet.


The first step was to eliminate the brands whose first ingredient wasn’t meat. Cats are born carnivores – they need protein in their diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If the first ingredient is of chicken or salmon this is an excellent start to ensure the cat is getting the right amount of protein it needs! Next step is to get rid of those products that contain artificial ingredients. I mean come on, even the word artificial does not sound very edible. And if a pet owner is not okay with eating something artificial he shouldn’t be feeding it to his cats either. A quick example is Vitamin K3 – this is an artificial version of vitamin K1 and can cause serious health risks when it comes to the cats liver and kidneys. Thirdly, if an ingredient listed is “meat-by-product”, this a no go and a cat should not be eating something that is a pretend meat – it’s just not good. Lastly, if a brand has been recalled this is an automatic no to buying this product for the cat. It means that they just haven’t quite figured out their formula to meet the needs of cats in a healthy matter.

A pet owner needs to remember that all cats are different and each one will react in their own way. Just like humans, cats need a healthy diet. A pet owner should not overlook this just because he wants to buy the cheaper brand. When in doubt, do the research.


Another quite useful guide on the same issue can be found on Catalogical, a site dedicated to exploring anything popular and relevant for cat owners. To find the site’s comprehensive look into what we can be feeding our cats, take a peek at http://www.catological.com/cat-food.

In the guide from Catological, you’ll be able to read from a number of sections including:

Why the Right Food Is Important

The Right Cat Food

About Breed-Specific Cat Food

What’s the Right Amount of Food to Eat?

Best Cat Foods By Category

Free? How About Cheap? OK, OK, What About Coupons?

Homemade Cat Food and Recipes

The Low Down on Cat Treats


One last resource to check out is a guide to the best kitten food from Feline Culture.

Good luck and happy reading!

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