Please fence me in!

By on May 3, 2016

One of the top reasons that animals end up in shelters is because they run away from home.

In the colder winter season, canine companions tend to stick close to their indoor dwelling because they get cold quicker. When the temperatures rise, your four-legged friend is likely to get a little braver and travel a little further, often feeding the urge to explore.

Even the best trained dogs stray to chase that elusive cat, blowing leaf, or interesting looking piece of garbage. If an animal does show up at a shelter and is without a microchip, the shelter likely ends up with the another animal that could have been returned home, but won’t. Now that it’s prime season to run and play outside, explore what you can do to keep your furry friends safe at home and in the yard.

As a responsible pet owner, you probably already have a fence surrounding your property. Inspect it for any areas where a dog could possibly get out. This happens sometimes and you should always keep an eye out for where dogs dig or just “get interested.” Get replacement boards when its necessary, and if you have a chain-linked fence, purchase steaks to pin down any of the portions of your fence that have lifted due to the weather or another small critter burrowing its way underneath.

This all seems like something you should do each year, but it’s easy to forget to check up on your perimeter. Follow these simple steps and prevent your pets from running away. A “get out of jail” ticket from animal control is never what we want, so keep your eyes peeled and stay safe.


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