A Christmas Miracle: Good Samaritan, HUA Saves 7 Abandoned Pups

By on December 24, 2016

Just a couple of nights ago, when we were experiencing some of the coldest temperatures of the season yet, someone driving down a black top road in the dark and saw something wriggling.

The driver curiously explored the movement to discover seven Husky puppies left on the side of the road to die.

A recent Facebook post from Hearts United for Animals, the no-kill rescue where the Good Samaritan brought the pups, said:

“If three of the pups had not been light in color the litter would have been missed altogether. There weren’t any houses or farms nearby which is probably why they were dumped where they were–no witnesses. These precious babes appear to be only 5-6 weeks old and have not even been weaned yet. They were hungry and thirsty when they arrived but did not know what to do with kibble or a bowl of water. Once we softened the food they got the right idea and filled up their bellies. We are so very grateful to the beautiful human being who saved their lives and made sure they got to HUA where we can do what is best for them.

“The tiny darlings appear to be Husky mixes and a few of them have gorgeous blue eyes. They will be seeing our good vet and of course we will do whatever is needed to make sure they are healthy and that they stay healthy. They will be shown an overabundance of love and care as all puppies should. We will keep them with us until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and in about 6 weeks they will be up for adoption.”

Another post from HUA thanks readers who had expressed concern and interest for the Husky mix babies dumped out in the country. “We need to make sure they are going to be OK before accepting applications. If all goes well and they grow as we hope, we will announce on Facebook when they are available for adoption.”

Pets in Omaha contacted HUA and learned that the pups will be monitored by veterinarians and kept on a feeding regimen as they hope the pups will continue to progress towards health and adoptable status. An update will be provided after the first of the year.




If you would like to contribute to the care of these seven cute blessings, please make a donation on the Hearts United for Animals website at www.hua.org. All contributions until the end of the year up to $50,000 will be matched. For more stories on HUA, please visit and share our Support Hearts United For Animals page and support a wonderful, no-kill rescue that does so much for animals and their welfare.


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