Hugo needs help healing

By on July 25, 2015

After a tragic occurrence, a fellow pet lover and his pup, Hugo, could use a helping hand.

Through a friend, I heard of this awful accident which has left poor Hugo in rough shape. Not everyone has a means to reach the pet community like I do, so I feel compelled to retell the story I heard in an attempt to provide support to a hurting companion animal and his owner. Read Tom and Hugo’s story below and please help if you can.

From Tom:

On Monday night, July 20, Hugo and I went for a run. We were almost finished running our normal round around Gallagher Park when we approached an oncoming car. As usual, we hopped onto the grass to let the car pass.

Hugo saw another dog in the park and went behind me, just for a second. Our timing must have been bad because Hugo came off his leash and ran into the street. The car hit Hugo head on and rolled over him. Thankfully, the car stopped. Hugo was trapped under the center of the car and I couldn’t slide him out. He was bleeding from the mouth, nose and eyes, and his four legs were locked tight.

I had to pull him as hard as I could to rescue him. I was afraid the bottom of the car was burning his skin.

We rushed him to the Nebraska Humane Society as I didn’t know where Emergency Clinics were. After trying to tell the staff that I was dropped off, Jaime Jindra, a NHS worker, drove us to VCA Animal Clinic. They took X-rays and put Hugo on fluids, steroids and a morphine drip for that night and the following three days. Hugo has no use of his hind legs and can’t feel his legs.

Last night (Friday) he was allowed to come home and he boards each day now. He has terrible anxiety as you would expect. He is on four types of pills and a pain patch. It’s so sad to see this happy dog so depressed and in pain.

I rescued Hugo in 2008 and he has been my best buddy since. We pray that Backlund Animal Hospital and Dr. Michelle can work a miracle for my great friend. We are thankful for all the support we have been given and hopeful Hugo regains use of his legs.


Upon hearing about the accident, a dog loving auctioneer graciously donated $500 to Hugo- he cried when he heard the news. Here is a link to the fund me page Hugo’s friend Jaime in California made for him:  Follow the link to see how the fundraising effort is going- updates are provided on the site as well.

Go Hugo Go.



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