Husky disappears, is bleached – owner distraught and seeking help

By on July 18, 2018

We hear our fair share of stories that involve heinous acts of neglect, mistreatment, and just plain poor ownership of animals. Most we get wind of are regional or national more than local. Wherever they come from, they all hurt our hearts.

Here’s the latest– it’s a baffler.

In Adams County, OH, a man’s Siberian Husky went missing. A day later, a dog looking just like “Cash,” his pup, popped up on social media as a found animal. This is where things get weird, even a little fishy.

The dog in the online photo was, the man believes, Cash. The only thing that was different about the dog in the photo is that instead of black and white fur, the dog’s coat was white and that orangey color that black hair that’s bleached becomes. So, for one, the dog seems to have been bleached. Second, the woman who found Cash is affiliated with rescue. And the Facebook post that she made was later deleted. These two things made Cash’s owner suspicious.

An article from local media in Ohio states that Cash’s owner believes that the dog was stolen, bleached, then sold. The bleach was, apparently, to hide the dog’s identity. The case has since been reported and investigated by local law enforcement. It seems, from things we’ve read on the web, that locals are all but certain Cash’s owner’s suspicions are right. There’s even a page demanding that the woman who found Cash be charged with the theft and cruelty.

No news is available online that’s more recent than the story linked to above. Whatever happened and will happen, we hope Cash can somehow find his way home. Also, that we never hear of an animal being bleached ever again.

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