Kids cry on National Dog Day, learning where puppies come from

By on August 26, 2016

Even the most vigilant of animal activists and humane educators were innocent, naive, unknowing little kiddos once. And in our little kid imaginations and dreams, there were fair princes and talking animals, an unlimited amount of candy and no knowledge of global warming. Puppies come from New York City where they all share a condo! Puppies come from Puppy Land, a far-off place full of tummy-scratches, treats, and automatic frisbee-throwing machines! Ah, youth.

Well. A certain number of kids were involved in a public service announcement on National Dog Day 2016. Little ones forgot about their perfect worlds (because puppies are perfect) and were thrown into something we all know as the “real world.”

And as the kids learned, most dogs that are sold online or in pet stores come from puppy mills. And the mothers of those puppies are in the mills, suffering horrendously. As one of the uber-cute kids says, “They don’t get kisses, they don’t get goodnights, they don’t get nothin’.” True story, kid. Sorry to have to tell you.

BUT! Remember, we are adults and we love puppies just as much as you do. And that’s why we’re telling you this horror story. So you can tell your friends, so they can tell their friends, on and on… and when your generation picks up where the ones before you left off, you and your pals can put an end to puppy mills for good.

Sorry for making you cry, kids, but this is important stuff.

But just think! When you grow up and help us who are helping mill dogs now, it won’t be long before puppies can resume hailing from their normal habitats like “Water World” where the sun is shining and puppies carry the American flag (except the stars are dog treats in that case), and it’s beautiful.

Watch the video from Don’t Buy Into Puppy Mills, the creators of the PSA. Also, sign the petition on their site,

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