Kitten thrown from vehicle on I-80 Sunday

By on June 25, 2018

On Sunday, June 24, a family from Ohio was travelling on Interstate 80 through Nebraska when it suddenly needed to stop. The emergency halt wasn’t due to someone needing to find a restroom or because of some mechanical failure; instead, the family stopped because it witnessed another vehicle from which a tiny kitten was tossed.

After retrieving the cat, the good Samaritans called the police and a Nebraska State Trooper responded. While attending to the cat and family, the patrolman suggested the cat needed a name. Because of the circumstances, the kitten (in good shape, thankfully, and still with 8 lives) became Tumbles.

The kitten was given a lift to a nearby shelter in Aurora, NE. Tumbles is now in search of a new family.

We hope Tumbles finds one as caring as the Ohio pack that scooped her away from danger on the highway.

To contact Aurora Adopt-a-Pet, click here.

The photo above is from the Nebraska State Patrol’s Facebook page. Tumbles rode right up front with Trooper Goltz.


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