Someone is using lethal, illegal cat traps in Omaha

By on December 10, 2015

Wednesday December 9, 2015, a Nebraska Humane Society Animal Control officer was called to an Omaha alley to rescue a cat in a trap.  When the officer arrived he found a female cat writhing in pain.  She was caught in the viselike grip of a heavy, steel, leg hold trap that was chained to a utility pipe.  The officer immediately scooped up the injured cat and rushed her back to the NHS medical team for an examination. Pam Wiese, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing at the Nebraska Humane Society says that “The force of these traps can snap a pet’s leg, or a child’s fingers, and cause excruciating pain, hence they are illegal to set in Omaha.”

Once the trap was removed, NHS Veterinarians checked the leg.  They felt no break on the first exam, but the leg was swollen and abraded. “Ivy” is now resting comfortably in a kennel with cushy blankets.  She is on pain medications and her leg has been stabilized with a cast. Veterinarians will again assess her leg when the swelling goes down to determine the extent of her injury.

Sadly this is the THIRD such incident animal control has seen in the last 30 days.  The Nebraska Humane Society reminds metro residents that setting leg hold traps in the City limits of Omaha is illegal. And this incident is a vivid example of why that law exists.



While leg hold traps are legal to use in some county areas, trappers must have a fur trapping permit to use them legally. If you’d like to learn more about understanding and trapping stray and feral cats, click here.  For Ivy’s sake—please obey the law.

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