Local artist captures pets in personalized portraits

By on March 4, 2018

When Annie Troe came across a photo on Facebook of Izze, a recently deceased family pet, she knew the folks who loved the dog for so long were hurting. And when the family asked Annie, a local artist, to paint a portrait of their beloved Izze, she knew she could help them through the tough time.

“I was honored to paint her portrait,” Annie said, “and I loved getting to know Izze.”

Whatever you hope or wish is for having a portrait of your pet done, Annie can deliver. She’s loved art and being creative for as long as she can remember. And should you put your trust in Annie to paint your pet’s portrait, know it’s in the hands of a professional artist who only wants to make you happy to see your friend come to life through art.

In a nut shell, here’s how the pet portrait process goes with Annie: Clients will send Annie a good photo of their pet and she paints from that photo. The better the photo, the better the painting, Annie says. She’s got some helpful hints on AnnieTroe.com for taking a great photo. Clients let Annie know what size portrait they’ll want and whether they would like any color preference for the background. It takes four weeks for your pet portrait to be finished and completely dry. Annie even sends a “process photo” or two to let you know things are moving along.

So, why does Annie paint pet portraits? “I just love animals!” she says. Freckles, Annie’s cat, is the president of her business and a wonderful studio mate. Freckles loves to play with a small foam ball on the steps, Annie says. “She will also play fetch with that ball. I have to hide the erasers in my studio- for some reason she likes to steal them.” Freckles and Annie portraits are full of personality. Take a look at a few examples below.



If you’d like to learn more or contact Annie about getting a portrait of your pets, make sure to check out her pet portrait web page at  https://www.annietroe.com/pet-portraits. There is a downloadable info sheet and steps on how to get started. Annie is on several social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. Find even more of her social media pages here. Following Annie through her newsletter is also available through her website and a subscriber recently received a free pet portrait of her cat Penelope (Annie often does giveaways)!

Want a painted rendering of your pet in something other than a portrait? Annie scans in the finished painting for you, which she then adds to her online gallery. From there, you can purchase your pet’s portrait on mugs, notebooks, t-shirts, large sized prints and more. Just this week, one pet’s family bought his portrait on a pillow and a tote bag.

If you’re looking for a wonderful way to honor your pet and show your affection for it, Annie Troe’s Pet Portraits provide a unique and beautiful way for you to do it!

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