Local horses and horse owners- beware of the tail thief

By on March 7, 2017

We’re used to seeing stories from around the world highlighting inhumane hunting practices and poaching of exotic or valuable animals and animal parts, but to see a story like that locally is rare and startling. Late last week, an Omaha family was frustrated to find that someone had broken into their barn overnight and cut their horse’s tail.

This is a sort of strange and fully frustrating story we just caught wind of by way of Pam Wiese of the Nebraska Humane Society. If you have a tip or question or lead for animal control, please see the contact information below the article.

“This has been a growing issue in the surrounding area,” Wiese says. People looking to make a buck have been breaking into properties and cutting the tails off horses to sell the hair for its value. “This is an alert to all local horse owners to keep a close eye on their equines in the coming days. Steps should be taken to ensure horses are secure at night or their holding areas are being closely monitored.”

“Cutting the tail hair doesn’t physically hurt the horse, but it takes years for the tails to grow back,” she says. “Also, without a tail, the horse has no way to protect herself from flies—so the owners will now need to take extra steps to protect her. And finally, it is frustrating for owners of gorgeous horses to have their tails reduced to stumps.”

If you have questions regarding the case you can contact Kelli Brown at NHS at 402-444-7800 ext. 2326

The owners of the horse pictured, Terri and Ronald Hendryx, above were victims of the hair cutting and are willing to be contacted to spread the word of warning to fellow horse owners. They can be reached at 402.630.5731.

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