How long do they live? Dog breeds and their life expectancy

By on March 12, 2017

Is this dog going to require a lot of exercise? How much will he eat? When will he die? When you are adopting a dog, you might not be asking yourself, “How long with this dog live?” It’s not the first question that comes to mind probably, but it’s one you may consider. has some useful info on dog breeds and their average life spans that you can use when you adopt or just to explore when thinking about your current companion canine.

The site has a slideshow which includes information on nearly 50 different dog breeds, starting with the Fox Terrier and ending with the Rat Terrier (who, by the way, lives an average of 19 years!).

You’ll find these things listed for each breed:

  • average number of years it lives
  • the average cost of a puppy
  • the maximum number of years it can live
  • a description
  • maximum height and weight
  • costs you can expect

There’s a ton of info there and it’s a little tough to navigate the slideshow, but if you’ve got some time or research to do, this is a very useful tool.

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