New Matchmaking Service Picks Your Perfect Pooch

By on December 13, 2015

Matchmaking is a practice as old as our recorded history. Many cultures still rely on matchmakers and elder discretion to facilitate arranged marriages. And if you’re a short fiction fan, one of the better stories you’ll ever read is about a rabbi, a matchmaker and his daughter, called “The Magic Barrel” by Bernard Malamud. Read it.

So then, why ignore the tradition when thinking about how to match a companion animal with potential owners? A new online matchmaking service seeks to match people with dogs through electronic means similar to dating sites you’ve undoubtedly heard of. The pooch-and-human version of the service is called Paws Like Me.

The site asks dog seekers pertinent questions like, “What’s your energy level,” “Your preferred party is…” and “I want a dog that is…” Using answers, the site (when you register) will match you with a specific dog from a partner organization of the site.

For fun (and to test for accuracy) I took the site’s quiz. At first glance, the questions it asks are good at deciphering my personality, needs and wants in a dog relationship. My “match” was an adult Chi mix named Darla.

I would not adopt Darla. To be fair, at this point I don’t need another pet or want a dog (small child at home…still learning how to live while caring for someone who needs caring for all the time). So, the quiz is sound. My match (which was limited to one whereas most people would probably be given a wider selection because they are actually looking for a dog) was not a match, which means it is a match if you know what I mean.

Darla is with a local rescue organization- the site has partners in the rescue community and shows users dogs that are in their area.


So. If you are looking to adopt and would like to find out what Paws Like Me thinks about your perfect pooch, give it a shot. I’m just one reviewer of the site, but for what it’s worth, honest answers will get users as close to the perfect pet as anything else I’ve seen.

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