Meet Downtown Dog Walker, Sarah Kocsis

By on August 9, 2016

Busy working professionals love their animals just as much as everyone else, but schedules are sometimes difficult to maneuver, especially if said professionals live far away from where they work. If you are one of those folks with a dog and you live downtown, keeping your dog active and engaged throughout your long days away can get easier with one phone call.

Sarah Kocsis, owner and founder of Downtown Dog Walking, has a love for all animals. She’s a vegetarian because of her strong compassion for them. And when she wanted to start her own business, her love of dogs couldn’t be ignored. “I started a dog walking business because I love dogs so much,” she says. “It is basically a convenience business for the dog owner. When they aren’t available to take their dog out, or for a walk, that is what we are there for.” Downtown Dog Walking can also take your pooch to the dog park, the veterinarian, the groomer or anywhere else you need them to go.

Sarah started her business thinking the downtown area would be a good spot to start. “I have always wanted to make a career doing what I love and this is just that.”

Business operates at 7 a.m. Sarah has a few clients who like to have their dog walked over the lunch hour. “We also have clients that like their dog walked twice a day when they are very busy at work,” she says. Walking usually shuts down around 8 p.m., “but in the summer we can certainly walk past then,” she says.

The business started at the end of March this year, and if you’ve been active at pet events since then, you’ve likely seen Sarah. At the moment, she’s the only owner/dog walker right now. “I am responsible for everything!,” she says, so if you hire Downtown Dog Walking, it is Sarah you will be working with.

“What sets my business apart is that I have been taking care of dogs for years. I have experience with all different breeds and sizes. We are an insured business, too,” she says. Sarah provides a “Poo Poo Report” every time she takes your dog out. This lets you know what happened on the walk. “We are 100 percent trustworthy and would treat your dog and your home like our own,” she promises.

It’s early and no special awards or recognition have been given to the business, but that can change. Sarah is quite proud that she was one of the dog walkers during Omaha’s Furshion Week this year. Her walking/dog in costume won the competition.

People can follow Downtown Dog Walking on Facebook and Instagram and on their website,

If you’d like to get in touch with Sarah, you can email her at or call 402-651-1710.

New customers will get 20% off their first week and if Sarah walks a dog more than 3 times a week, customers receive 10% off.

You have few options to work with an insured, dogwalker, so if you are in the market for one, Sarah might just be your gal.

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