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By on August 19, 2015

We have done several posts advocating for senior pets, explaining the benefits of older animals and featuring older animals in our pet spotlights. We love them. I mean, why wouldn’t we? Well, it turns out we aren’t the only ones.

House With A Heart (HWAH) is a senior pet sanctuary started by two kind souls that reside in Maryland. Sher Polvinale and her late husband, Joe, started the sanctuary in 2006 and senior dogs have had a safe haven ever since. The sanctuary is now home to 55 volunteers who care for the cats and dogs and make their last days as glamorous and stress-free as possible.

HWAH is not a foster home or rescue group. Once the animals become residents, they stay for each of their remaining days. HWAH does, however, have programs that help numerous other animals.

HWAH provides short-term care services for if you are planning a trip, they assist in finding homes for animals and even have a page of adoptable dogs.

Reviews are phenomenal. Here are a couple:

“If they can’t be with their owners for their entire life, I am grateful that there are places like this. When they do pass, they pass with knowing they mattered and they were loved. Thanks so much for all your tender loving care.”

“Thank you so much for what you do! These babies are blessed you came into their lives…or they came into yours!! <3”

“I can assure you this is a top notch organization – the facility is spotless, the pets are very well cared for and thriving, and the owner, Sher, along with the volunteers, is absolutely devoted to them. I can’t say enough positive things about this oasis for older and disabled dogs.”


HWAH runs solely on donations and volunteers.


A note from their site:

“HWAH relies on donations from our generous supporters and grants and gifts from our wish list. Your gifts allow us to care for a large number of senior dogs as well as some kitties and our one senior horse.  With your help we are able to provide a wonderful home for them and give them the best medical care possible. To learn more about our various programs please visit one of our additional program pages.”


HWAH makes it easy to donate.


To learn more about this generous organization check out their website, Facebook and Twitter.





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