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By on April 2, 2015

It seems that for every breed, there’s an area rescue which caters to the well being and adoption hopes of homeless pups in the area. MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue is the latest Rescue Friend to be featured here and we hope you do what you can to help them by volunteering, adopting, donating and sharing this article to help raise awareness!


Q: What is your organization called and where are you located?

A: We are MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue and we are headquartered in Omaha, NE. We are currently serving the states of Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North/South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, Utah, Montana, Idaho, and Arkansas.


Q: When, why and by whom was the organization founded?

A: MidAmerica was founded in November of 2006.  The rescue agent for this group is Jennifer Misfeldt, who has been rescuing dogs since 2002. With the support of family, friends, and volunteers, rescuing Boston Terriers is the primary focus of her life. No one in this organization is paid, though Jennifer easily works on saving lives for more hours in a week than a full-time job. For her, it is truly a labor of love.

In addition to Jennifer, rescue activities are sustained by a vast network of volunteers across the Midwest.

MABTR takes in Boston Terriers of any age and physical/mental condition. Dogs are put in foster care until they are adopted. Prior to adoption, we provide complete medical care, which includes spaying and neutering (if 6 months and older), updating dogs on vaccines, testing and treating (when necessary) for heartworm, and microchipping. If other medical conditions present themselves while in our care, we address and treat them as well.

MABTR prides itself on the ability to give commercial breeder (puppy mill) dogs a second chance at life.


Q: What is your organization’s mission and how do you execute it?

A: Our mission is to rescue Boston Terriers and Boston mixes that are surrendered/unwanted, homeless/stray, mistreated/neglected, slated for euthanasia or puppy mill released, no matter their health, condition or age, finding them safe and happy forever home through an adoption program that provides foster care, medical care, rehabilitation, and education. We currently have about 250 volunteers who help us execute this mission.


Q: How many animals do you rescue, foster and place in a year?

A: We have saved 2,549 lives since November of 2006. More stats like this can be found on the web at


Q: How can animal lovers in the area help you in your mission? Donations? Volunteers?

A: By visiting people can learn how to help. This is a great link to learn how you can donate and volunteer.
MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue is run by volunteers with caring hearts. It is funded completely by donations, and they can’t achieve our mission alone. Generous donations from kind people like you sustain MABTR with the financial support necessary to care for the hundreds of homeless Bostons they take in every year.


“It only takes minutes out of your day to make a BIG difference to the future of a rescued pet.”



Here are some other notes about MABTR:

“Our adoption process starts with an online adoption application. We are foster based so our foster parents are the ones that conduct phone interviews prior to meet and greets. Our Golden Paws for Golfen Years program places adult dogs (7 years of age or older) with qualified senior citizens who are 60 years of age or older. This program includes a $50 discount on adoption fees. MABTR has made our mission to take in and care for as many Bostons as possible, especially those who are terminally ill and need a loving place to spend their final moments. Our hospice program provides exactly that-  a home with a good quality of life for dogs whose time is limited.”

For more information on MidAmerican Boston Terrier Rescue, visit the following links and do what you can to help these great folks and dogs out!





Thanks to Jennifer Misfeldt for helping us spread the word about MABTR!


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