Metro Magazine features Pets in Omaha founder, Lee Legenhausen

By on March 19, 2018

Obviously, we’ve known about Lee Legenhausen and his love for animals for a long time- he’s the founder of the site you’re reading from now and our head honcho.

Lee is also the founder of a non-profit that Pets in Omaha supports, Kirby’s Hope. The goal of the organization is to do what it can to make sure every pet has the opportunity to lead a rich, healthy life like Kirby, Lee’s dog, has.

In the Spring 2018 issue of Metro Magazine, which has named Pets in Omaha one of the 101 Things it loves about Omaha numerous times, Lee is featured and details the history of Pets in Omaha, his love for pets, his furry friend Kirby, and more. The story is part of the Very Inspirational People (VIP) series, and we’re proud to have our leading man in the magazine, inspiring others.

Find Lee in the latest issue of Metro Magazine here.

“I am grateful that Metro Magazine gave us another opportunity to reach the community,” Lee says. “Andee Hoig has been so good to us in helping us on our mission to help the the animals.” Lee has appeared on KMTV’s The Morning Blend alongside Andee Hoig and Metro Magazine has promoted Pets in Omaha, its mission, and its events for the past three years.

As he states in the story, Lee keeps busy working at the CenturyLink Center in downtown Omaha; that’s his “fun” job, he says. He’s also a private detective; that job “pays the bills.” And as we know, Pets in Omaha is the job that satisfies his passion for animals. “My passion continues to grow to help our four-legged friends have the best outcome possible and to always educate people,” Lee says. Also continuing to grow is the support the community has given Pets in Omaha through sponsors and partnerships. By going out into the community, armed with the mission and website URL, Lee has persuaded many businesses (pet-centered and not) that our readers love animals and will love their businesses, too, making Pets in Omaha a great value and opportunity for advertisers.

Here at Pets in Omaha (if you’re new), we support shelters, rescues, and area pet-loving businesses through our website and live events. We’ve published over 850 stories about the pet community since 2014 and tens of thousands of people have attended our live events. The Pick-a-Pooch Adoption Days events, which take place each summer at the Ralston Arena, are familiar to many, but we’ve also held numerous smaller events where we collect food, toys, treats, and whatever else our shelters are asking for. Whether its loading a UHaul with food, presenting adoptable animals at our Pick-a-Pooch events, or writing stories about how we can all support the pet community, Pets in Omaha and its founder hopes you’ll help us help the community grow and come together and always remember to “adopt, don’t shop!”

Join us in celebrating Lee and Pets in Omaha along with the 200,00 Pets in Omaha readers already filled in about his passion and our mission. Become a subscriber, Like us on Facebook, attend our next Pick-a-Pooch event, and spread the message! If you’d like to reach out to Lee and Pets in Omaha, email us at for information about how you can get involved through rescue, advocacy, advertising opportunities, and anything else.


*photo credit: Jim Scholz, Metro Magazine

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