Can you help Michael save his companion, Max?

By on April 14, 2016

Michael Siref is a wheelchair-bound Cerebral Palsy young adult living in midtown Omaha. Max, his companion animal, is four years old and shows signs of being four times older than he is. Though he’s only just a pup, really, it seems as if Max is dying. And Michael doesn’t know what he’d do without Max. Maybe you can help the worst from happening.

“I was given Max as a companion by my neighbor,” Michael says. “He had rescued Max from animal abuse at only 3 weeks old. Max’s siblings were killed by their litter’s mother. Until recently, the German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix was healthy. But in the past six months, Michael has noticed Max’s hind legs limping along, out of nowhere. Like any concerned pet parent would, Michael went online. Initially, he suspected arthritis. He bought medication for joint relief, but nothing improved. Max’s legs collapse and he falls.

“I read about Degenerate Myelopathy,” Michael says, and it’s a horrible disease. Michael spoke with the VCA Medical Center, but his vet says it’s expensive for him to do anything, even examine Max. Michael lives on his disability check alone and desperately needs help to get a prognosis, full exam for Max, and treatment. Even an x-ray is too much to afford on a government disability income.

“I am very scared and alone. My options appear limited to putting a very young dog down without help,” Michael says. “I feel awful.”

VCA Medical Center recommended that Michael try to raise funds and, because of our voice, we’d like to offer you a chance to help if you can. Michael has started a free fundraising campaign at Click here to find his fundraiser page.

“Any help would be awesome,” Michael says. Please consider checking out the page today.

Above, you’ll see Kent Pavelka, a friend and Pet Person of ours, with Mike, a huge Husker fan.


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