More Holiday Gift Ideas for your Pets!

By on December 15, 2013

We’ve already published a good amount of holiday gift-giving suggestions for you, but upon further review, we’ve decided that the more the merrier! Take a look at even more hot holiday items for your pets below! We’ve found some more great resources and some dog-and-cat-specific lists that will surely give you some shopping ideas.

Looking for great stocking stuffers for your cats? Paw Nation has a cool slideshow at this link full of great suggestions. See the entire article here or take a look after you’ve read the summary we’ve provided here:

  • Martha Stewart’s “Santa Door Hangler” is a Santa-shaped toy that hangs from any doorknob. Laced with bells and sure to provide fun for kitty, this inexpensive toy is a hot item. The product line also includes a “bird on a stick” model that looks fun as well. Cheap, fun and available anywhere Martha Stewart products are sold.
  • Catnip bubbles- These are just what they sound like. Bubbles? Fun. Bubbles with catnip in them? Off the charts fun for pets and pet owners. Get them at
  • Wireless Pet Monitors- With two-way communication that allows you to communicate with your pet when not in the same room, this pet monitor also features infrared night vision that works when light levels are low. This sounds a little over the top, but…Yes. It is over the top. If you are the “over-the-top-type,” this $300 gift will keep you in constant contact with kitty.
  • The Furminator- this popular cat brush will help with shedding and coat care. These can be found almost anywhere, but try to buy from your local shelter’s gift shop. Furminators are a little pricey for a brush, but they are super durable and do a great job, especially for cats with a thick undercoat.
  • Edible Cat Gardens- Cats like to eat a little grass from time to time, so why not get them their own personal indoor garden?
  • Plush toys- these are always fun and inexpensive. Toys with catnip in them are particularly enticing.
  • LED collars- Track your kitty in the dark with this LED lighted collar. We are not quite sure what use it has indoors, but for outdoor cats, these collars provide means to locate kitty quickly in the dark. If not for anything else, they are very cool looking, so make your cat the baddest looking cat on the block! At $25, it’s totally worth it as you boost your cat’s self-image!
  • Identification tags- these aren’t much fun for kitty, but you will be thankful for them if your cat happens to sneak off in the neighborhood.
  • Nail clippers- these are great tools for the cat owner who takes kitty in for clippings at the vet or groomer. Do it at home, save some cash and the clippers will pay for themselves. Cutting claws can be dangerous though, so make sure you know what you are doing! Take off just the sharp tip so you don’t hit veins or cause permanent damage to kitty’s feet.

For dog owners, we found a useful, new product that will let your dog enjoy play outside while giving owner’s a sense of security and peace of mind. The Dog Ring is an instrument that is easy to use and helps you tether your dog to many different objects without worry. Here’s a description from the Dog Ring’s Web site:

Finally, dog lovers will have a line of high-quality products that won’t break the bank. Our mission is to design products that are sleek, safe and functional. We are committed to maintain our prices at a level that everyone can afford. Our products are made to last. Our commitment to you is to offer only high-quality products that are easy,safe, and fun.  We understand the importance of earning your business. The safety of your pet is at the heart of everything we do. You will now have the best of both worlds in every product you buy for your doggie.

Our customers save money because they buy products that are made to last.

Our capstone product ‘DOG RING’ is a tangle-free, hassle-free way to keep your dog safe and secure virtually anywhere you go. Made to be lightweight, portable and strong, you are now able to tether your dog in seconds without having to muscle stakes or screws or anything else into the ground. It also doubles as a beautiful leash. You can pick either the retractable or fixed leash option, or both. Once you use it, you will wonder how you ever got by without it. You ever had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” moments? This is one of those!

Click here to see a video highlighting the product.

Sit Stay has hundreds of options for you- none of which will break the bank and all of which will entertain Fido. Click this link to shop their entire catalog, or peruse our suggestions below before heading to their site. These are just a few of their gift ideas that caught our eye:

The “Bag-O-Jerky” is the perfect gift for the dog that loves to chew! Personally, one of our favorite gift set this year, this is great for the dog that loves meaty variety! Featuring three different and delicious ingredients: rabbit, kangaroo, and salmon. This is the ultimate gift for the meat-lover in your life!  This gift not only offers flavor out of this world, but these single ingredient treats have many benefits–heart health, lean protein, skin/coat health!!

Gift Set includes:

  • (1) Salmon Paws 4 oz. Jerky
  • (1) Jump Your Bones Kangaroo Jerky
  • (1) Jones Rabbit Jerky
  • (1) SitStay 2013 Signature Holiday Gift Bag

The “Do You Hear What I Hear?” gift package- Fun never sounded so good! This holiday gift set is perfect for happy dogs and even includes a squeaker toy that has an on/off switch – genius! Look no further, you just found the perfect gift for Fido!

Holiday Gift Set Includes:

  • Plush, Squeaking Aligator Toy
  • On/Off Squeaker Pup 
  • 5 Extra Sqeakers (for repairs & added fun)
  • Favorite Squeaky Tennis Ball
  • Companion Plush Teddy Bear Toy
  • SitStay Holiday Gift Bag

The “Loop Poop Bag Dispenser” is more for you than Fido, but it seems to make a handy tool that will provide fewer interruptions while going for walks. The product description says the following:

The Loop by Loft 312 Inc. is a poop bag holder disguised as a modern dog-style accessory. Fashion-friendly? Yes. Eco-friendly? Heck, yes!  It is the first truly biodegradable dog poop bag on the market. The Loop was created by passionate pet owners who saw an opportunity to improve their active pet lifestyle. Beyond it’s sleek design, The Loop is tricked out with patent-pending, Smart Dispensing Technology, which clamps down on the bags so you don’t lose control of your roll. Made with impact-resistant plastic, light-weight aluminum and brass, the components are extremely durable. Proudly Made in the USA, Chicago to be exact. 

Pick your favorite color or pick a few to match your style. Is it a poop bag or is it a leash bracelet? We say – both!

Cool Features:

  • Smart: Patent-pending technology prevents the bag from unrolling. 
  • Stylish: Large loops offer grip and endless toting options. Attach to a carabiner or thread your leash through both Loops to prevent dangling. Great color selection!
  • Durable: Designed with ABS plastic makes it weather-proof and impact resistant, aluminum keeps it lightweight and the brass adds a little bling.
  • Visibility: Being up a creek without a paddle isn’t nearly as bad as being in front of the Jones’ house without a poop bag. No surprises, you can see how many bags you have left.
  • Eco-friendly: Filled with the very first biodegradable poop bags designed to disintegrate in landfills. 
  • Compact: Dimensions 1-1/2” x 5-3/4

After reading this article, and our previous story on holiday gift ideas for your pets, you have no excuse but to go out, get your dog or cat a special something, and support your local pet community! Good luck with your shopping and have a wonderful holiday season from us at PetsInOmaha.

Have another hot gift idea for pets? Comment below or tweet us @PetsInOmaha. We’ll be sure to share your suggestions with our readers!


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