More pets in the workplace = more smiles

By on June 18, 2018

Research has shown this to be true, so why don’t more companies become pet-friendly? There are several reasons why some are hesitant, but numbers don’t lie. Nine out of every ten people surveyed in a recent experiment say  they’d be more loyal to and happier with their jobs if they were more pet-inclusive.

This recent article in USA Today tells of many companies and employees who are working alongside their pets. Ben and Jerry’s, the northeast U.S. ice cream maker, is one such company. About 35 dogs can be found at the company office each day. One person interview said that it’s the dog that gets the human excited to go to work:  “It’s entertaining to have him attempt to drag me into the office.”

As all things in the pet industry, inclusion of pets in the workplace is growing. Employers are more likely to allow animals in the office now more than ever because it makes people more interested in working for pet-friendly companies, it adds to morale, and simply makes people glad to be part of a business that loves animals as much as its employees do.

Bank of America, Google, and other giant companies are becoming pet-friendly. Amazon has about 600 dogs registered along with their owners to spend the day at work with humans.

We all know the benefits of owning an animal and this trend upward verifies that things are better with animals.

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