The Nebraska Humane Society needs help now

By on August 9, 2017

Running a shelter like the Nebraska Humane Society isn’t easy. Tens of thousands of animals annually, animal control, dealing with pet population issues- there are many things folks don’t always think about. The Nebraska Humane Society is housed in a giant building that uses a ton of energy. The shelter has dozens of full-time employees and more part-timers. About 20,000 animals enter the shelter yearly and their adoption kennels need food, water, bowls to eat and drink from, toys, pillows, paper towels and cleaners for messes, and more. Vehicles, educational programs, animal control. All this has to be paid for and it’s difficult to do it all on the $11 million budget the shelter has. That number, if you spend any time thinking about it, is small considering everything said above and other costs.

Thus, the Nebraska Humane Society relies heavily on private donations to continue growing. More donations equal more programs, the ability to hire more staff, the luxury of rehabilitating animals instead of euthanizing them, and more. Money is important, but it’s not the only thing.

If you donate, let’s say, your empty pill bottles, the shelter won’t have to buy containers for medicine that goes home with foster families. If you donate food and water bowls, the purchase of those supplies won’t happen, therefore the bottom line is unaffected. You get the idea.

The shelter currently needs one of those “usually-donated-so-they-don’t-have-to-buy-them” items– towels. On its Facebook page today, the Nebraska Humane Society showed a photo of its towel collection; it was probably smaller than what you’ve got in the linen closet. And this may seem unimportant, but a free towel can mean four bucks more for an animal who needs to spend time with a behavior specialist. It can mean $4 that won’t come off the budget for paper clips. It’s all important.

Towels. They’re necessary for animals, volunteers, and staff, so please consider thinning your supply or buying some from your favorite local retailer. Donations can be dropped off at the front desk. Also, if you wish to donate other items or money, see the “Donate” and “Wish List” links below.

Thanks in advance!


Click here to make a monetary donation. 

Click here to see the NHS’ Wish List. 

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