Nebraska’s Largest trap-neuter-return (TNR) effort in history happening now

By on May 28, 2018

Sidney/Chappell, NE, about a seven hour drive west of Omaha, is feeling a little larger this week as the state’s largest-ever trap-neuter-release mission takes place. A family in the area had reached out for help as 100-150 cats, most feral, were becoming too difficult to manage. Among the humane organizations helping to spay and neuter and release the cats back into their colonies are the Humane Society of the United States, Joining Forces Saving Lives, Fur the Love of Paws, and the Colorado Animal Welfare League.

It’s a big undertaking, but without intervention, the cats could continue to multiply and impact the ecosystems- things that are good for no one. And while volunteers are almost never in short supply within shelter and rescue organizations, resources can be. With the wonderful support of people in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and other places, the Humane Society and local humane groups are able to save as many cats as possible here and elsewhere.

Jocelyn Nickerson of the Humane Society of the United States’ Nebraska team provided these details recently on Facebook:

Our team will be headed to Chappell, NE next week to assist a family with an overwhelming number of cats. We will know more when we arrive, but we expect to find more than 150 cats on the property. We will be completing the largest TNR project in Nebraska history! A fantastic low-cost mobile clinic will handle the sterilizations and vaccinations and we are collecting both supplies and donations to ensure that every cat is treated while we are there. Thank you to those of you who have contributed to this massive project. We couldn’t do it without you!


If you’ve been a supporter in the past or if you’re supporting now, thanks! If you are interested in helping any of the organizations involved in this large-scale rescue/TNR mission, see links and info below. Your help is appreciated now and will be valued going forward as these groups continue to work together and save animals. – Nebraska’s team is helping to organize the efforts in Chappell/Sidney, NE – a North Platte humane organization; its mission is to save and educate people that saving animals is worth it – an advocacy group dedicated to putting people are resources together to save animals – a humane organization assisting in the western NE event


photo credit: Joining Forces Saving Lives Facebook

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