October is National Pet Wellness Month

By on October 18, 2013

Here’s some info from a press release we recently found:

October 14, 2013-Damariscotta, ME (PRWEB)

Veterinarian, Damariscotta, ME

October is National Pet Wellness Month. It is important to have a plan to keep pets healthy. Everyone knows healthy food and exercise is key for people’s health, but it is also key to a pet’s health. What pet owners often neglect are the preventive care visits to the doctor for themselves, as well as their pets. Whether it is due to lack of time, finances or just not seeing the importance of it, preventive care visits are an important key in to staying healthy.

A Pet’s Age is an Important Indicator
Pets age, on average, seven years faster than people. Dogs and cats reach adulthood around the age of two years. By age four, pets are entering middle age and by seven years of age most are entering their senior years, especially large breed dogs.

Twice a Year for Life
Dogs and cats should see their veterinarian twice a year for preventive-care exams. A pet that visits the vet once a year would be the same as their owner visiting a doctor every six to eight years. Health problems progress faster since pet’s age more rapidly than humans. Twice a year exams can help a veterinarian diagnose, treat or prevent health problems before they become life-threatening. These visits also are a great opportunity to ask questions owners may have about their pet’s behavior, nutrition, parasites, or other issues. Twice a year visits give owners a chance to discuss any concerns they have on a more regular basis.

Disease Risk
The risk of disease increases with age. Dental disease, kidney disease, heart disease and arthritis are just a few examples of diseases that when caught early can be managed to help a pet live a longer, happier life. Even when pets appear normal they can have underlying problems that an exam would uncover. The signs that pets give are so subtle that owners may not pick up on a problem until it has progressed enough to cause the pet discomfort or pain and possible internal damage.

Some signs to watch for that may indicate a problem are: difficulty getting around, house soiling, appetite changes, weight changes, skin/hair coat changes, sleeping pattern changes and bad breath just to name a few. Some of these signs may be very subtle or may only occur occasionally.

By examining pets twice a year and asking a few key questions, a veterinarian can determine whether further diagnostics may be necessary to confirm or rule out disease and help keep pets healthy. For a longer, healthier and happy life take pets to a veterinarian twice a year, for life.

Keep your animals healthy by doing the above- you can never be too sure about your pet’s health, so stay active and get them to the vet as needed!


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