The Successful Oxygen for Omaha’s Pets Project

By on August 16, 2014

Jeff Lonowski feels that every time a house fire is responded to, the first responders should be equipped to save everyone at the scene. Too many times, pets don’t survive and it breaks his heart. Hopefully, with his successful online fundraising campaign, these occurrences can become extinct.

“My dogs and cats are my children and I would be devastated if they did not survive,” he says, especially if they “possibly could have been saved if only the fire fighters had the properly sized oxygen masks. It is my goal to provide these mask kits that contain 3 sizes of masks for all sizes of animals.”

Citizinvestor is a relatively new Web site which posts projects that citizens can fund and aid their towns, cities and municipalities. Among the newest projects on the site are a porch swing initiative in Tallahassee, FL, an EBT match effort at Farmer’s Markets in Massachusetts and a playground build in Chicopee, MA. Jeff’s initiative (which has just received the required $1,600 from citizen investors) equips all first responders in Omaha with oxygen masks that can fit animals.

The Citizinvestor page, which can be found here, states the following:

Nationally, the number of pets that die in fires each year is estimated to be between 40,000 and 150,000, with smoke inhalation as the main cause. That’s why the goal of this project is to supply each Omaha fire station with a pet oxygen mask kits.

Batallion Chief Lloyd Rupp of the Omaha Fire Department said that “Far too many times we see family pets suffering from smoke inhalation and try to give them oxygen the best way we can.”

When a story breaks on the news that a fire has destroyed a home, it’s always a relief to hear that everyone got out safely. Then, too often, the report will continue with a statement that family pets were lost in the fire. This is heartbreaking to those of us who consider our pet our children, our best friends and close companions.

We can prevent many, many unnecessary pet deaths by supplying Omaha’s fire department with the equipment they need to save lives – all lives.

Each oxygen mask kit includes three sizes of masks: Small (for cats and flat faced dogs like pugs), Medium, and Large. The kits are $79 each and come in a bright colorful bag.

Please help if you can to save Omaha’s beloved pets.

All $1,600 has been raised towards the goal. If you are one of the kind investors who helped Jeff reach his goal, here’s a big “Thanks!” from us and animal lovers all over.

Visit the link above, donate when you find a cause that speaks to you and help your local citizenry. Thanks to those who have already donated and thanks to those who help goal achievements with their future donations.

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