PEDIGREE®, non-profits, and one musician team up for veterans

By on April 2, 2018

National news isn’t something we do a bunch of here as we’d like to be Omaha-centric as much as possible, but we’ve found a news release that we’re sure will be popular with everyone- Omaha and elsewhere. And since positive, national news is hard to find these days, this ought to be refreshing.

Bradley Gilbert is a country musician who has a passion for helping military veterans, and when he threw an idea around about uniting veterans and animals, he was able to gather support and information needed to make one of his efforts come together. Along with PEDIGREE®, the help of Disabled American Veterans, and the ASPCA, Gilbert is presenting a number of veterans with a new companion canine during each weekend of his spring 2018 tour. The hope is that “pairing veterans in need with companion animals (will) help normalize their re-acclimation,” said a recent news release from PEDIGREE.

In the release, Gilbert says: “Nothing helps heal like an animal’s love. These dogs aren’t just good dogs, they’re trained to help their veteran, and new companion, cope with stress, memories and triggers people can’t see and provide them with a sense of solid grounding. I am honored that the PEDIGREE brand agreed to be a part of this campaign, because it’s something I really wanted to do – and they understand so many of the reasons why this is such a good remedy for these veterans.”

Anyone can donate to the ASPCA, their local shelters, or any other philanthropic group, but it’s hard to be sure of your donation’s impact sometimes. We’re glad that Gilbert is able to take advantage of his platform to do some good for animals and veterans.

To be honest, we didn’t know Gilbert before reading this release, but he can be sure he’s gained some new fans as a result of his efforts to make things a little easier for vets returning to life at home.

Look for more stories, more moments, and more dogs over the coming months on Gilbert’s Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as on the PEDIGREE Brand Facebook and Twitter pages.  For more information on the FEED THE GOOD™ campaign, visit


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