Pet-friendly hotels for your upcoming holiday travels

By on November 1, 2013

As November begins, we quickly move into planning for family vacations for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, making a trek to a college bowl game, etc. It’s important to plan everything out, and that includes caring for your pets.

Whether you are hiring a sitter (check out our article on them here) or bringing the pets along for the getaway, we’ve got you covered. Hiring a pet sitter is always a great option- when you read that article, you’ll see why. But, if you are in Omaha or planning on staying in a motel or hotel in Omaha for your holiday adventures, we’ve found a great link helping you decide where you can best accommodate yourselves and pets.

This site lists hotels, motels, and resorts that make your stay convenient as they allow pets. Most hotels have some sort of deposit required, some sort of fee, or a contract to sign when you bring your pets inside- just a warning- but that goes with the territory. It’s assumed that your pets will spend at least some amount of time in the room by themselves, so they put these safeguards in place.

Another great source of information that includes tips on traveling with your pets can be found here. It includes tips like:

  • Making sure you have everything you would need at home for your pets
  • Having a plan if your animal gets sick and preventing illness
  • Planning your timeline if you are driving with pets (they need to stop more frequently then we do)

The aforementioned article about hotels, etc. that are dog-friendly is very easily navigated and chocked full of options- they are even ranked by users who have stayed in these places. Do a little digging, find out which places are the most affordable, read policies about having pets, and even make a couple of phone calls to get some clarification. To our knowledge, there aren’t many (if any) places that won’t let you bring your pet, it’s just a matter of how much it will add to your bill.

Do your homework, bring your pet supplies, and have a plan. Your holiday travels will be much easier once you’ve done these things. It’s also a good idea, if you are staying in a friend of relative’s house, to find out their feelings on having pets and getting an idea on how your pet’s presence will impact the normality of their household- especially if they have other animals in the house.

Another option is to have your pets stay at a boarding house. If you need suggestions on these types of places, make sure to check out our Directory page which includes many choices on that front.

Good luck and Happy Holidays in advance from!

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