Pick-A-Pooch Recap and Success Stories

By on April 27, 2015

On April 12, we hosted the Pick-a-Pooch Adoption Day at Ralston Arena hoping to give area rescues, shelters and pet-friendly vendors a platform to showcase their services and missions. Given the feedback we’ve received, Pick-a-Pooch seems to have done that and much more.

It was difficult to keep track, but somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 people entered the arena between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. To this point, we know of at least 27 adoptions that came as a result of the event. The adoption applications filled out at or as a result of the event number many more than that. We listened to our guests and have some improvements in mind for next time, but the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. We are thankful to all who attended and helped us make Pick-a-Pooch such a success.

Here’s a note we received from Little White Dog Rescue: “We are EXTREMELY happy with the event and hope you will do it again and again! We just talked about what a great event it was at our board meeting. Truly one of the best we’ve been to. The exposure was incredible and I am sure we did and will have many adoptions because of it. I also think we will have some new volunteers from people we met that day, too!”

What we’re most pleased with is the number of stories about application completion and successful placement of adoptable animals. Here’s some informational passed onto us from Hands, Hearts & Paws Rescue:

“The lab mix pups from Hands, Hearts and Paws rescue that attended Pets in Omaha’s Pick-A-Pooch event have moved to their forever homes this week. Only one is still available out of a litter of nine, sweet little girl named Russia. Three out of the five pups that attended that day were adopted from applicants from that event. Starting this week, Jamaica, Kenya and Barbados are now in their forever homes. The litter of nine pups were dropped off in a box, at approx 5 weeks old, to a shelter in Kansas. A rescuer there saved them and temp fostered at the vet clinic she works at until they could arrive safely to us through volunteer transporters. HHP rescue is foster home based. All nine pups were raised together until adoption day. Applications were ran, vet references were called and home visits were completed to ensure they were in the best homes. Through events such as Pick-A-Pooch, sponsored by Pets in Omaha, rescues are able to find some great homes for awesome dogs. Thank you!”
-Sue LeFever, volunteer for HHP rescue

Wonder Weims Rescue reported that 6 dogs have been adopted as a result of the event. Also the Nebraska Dachshund Rescue placed 3 dogs, Taysia Blue two, Town & Country Humane Society two, the Nebraska Humane Society placed eight animals and MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue placed one dog.

A very cool story- Amy Roeder, a Ralston Arena employee who helped organize the event, was working away Sunday and met a pup that she ended up adopting later in the week from a rescue in attendance.

Our founder, Lee Legenhausen, followed up with the rescue and shelter organizations in attendance and they’ve all said they’d like to be back for the next event. Some even called the event the best they’d ever been to. Wow.

We can’t be happier to report these facts and anecdotes; we are also excited to reflect, improve upon our planning and prepare for our next adventure. Thanks again to all who came, rescued, participated and provided feedback. This event would not have been a success without you! We’re eager to hear more stories from you if you’ve got one about the event and we’re also excited to prepare for the next installment of Pets in Omaha’s Pick-a-Pooch Adoption Day.

Thanks again to the event’s sponsors, The Green Spot, Pets Earth, Steven W. Gustafson, The Paw Spa Pet Resort and Three Dog Bakery .

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