Quick, easy tips for keeping fountains safe for animals

By on September 20, 2017

Pets, like kids, are always getting into stuff. Just as soon as you think something is out of harm’s way, it’s in their mouths or some other place it’s not supposed to be. Even things we consider safe to be around can be toxic. One thing some have to think about is that decorative water fountain in the house or yard.

study done between 2007 and 2011 in nine US states found that as many as 13% of pets suffered cyanobacteria algae intoxication merely by inhaling it. Cyanobacteria algae are also known as blue-green algae and can cost a furry friend their lives. Although these toxic algae are mostly found in large freshwater bodies, there are reported instances of it found in saltwater and other source.

What does this mean for your pet that likes to explore the water fountain? As a potentially dangerous hazard to pets, a fountain should regularly be checked to ensure it remains safe. Here’s how to do it.

Trust the Water Source

It’s only natural that a pet would want to use their new fountain to the max. With that in mind, it’s important to rely on a good water source. Those that get their water directly from freshwater sources such as ponds and lakes, may be exposed to contaminants such as blue-green algae. Tap water might also not be the best option to directly feed into a fountain, as recent studies found. Instead, purified water should be considered as it will also keep the fountain cleaner for longer.

Keep It Clean

The easiest way to avoid unsavory residents taking up tenancy in a fountain is by keeping it clean. A chemical-free approach is always better when there are pets around, especially when the fountain doubles as a splash pool for furry and feathery friends. Some items that should be in the fountain cleaning arsenal include vinegar and a pressure washer. These are safe and inexpensive ways to ensure that the water remains clear without traces of contaminants. It’s also a good idea to check daily for leaves or flowers that may have blown into the fountain.

Ensure It’s Not Big Enough To Drown In

Some fountains have elaborate designs that could trap smaller pets. It’s important to always provide a way out for pets, or ensure that the rim is low enough for pets to climb out again. Homeowners who purchase fountains specifically to act as a water bowl for pets will find safe and convenient options online. The power cord is also an item to consider and should be disguised in order to discourage pets from chewing on it.


To pets, the magic of water on demand is something that could entertain them for hours. This is especially true during hot summer months and should be a pleasure for them. For pets, the danger is not always clear, therefore homeowners should take special care to ensure their furry and feathery friends are safe.

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