Raw diet for your pet? Take precautions and gain benefits of raw energy, health

By on May 15, 2018

It’s not a new trend, but we know not all pet owners are aware or on board for feeding their animals a raw diet. There are many programs and philosophies, but a raw diet is essentially just what it sounds like. The benefits of feeding raw are many and include diets that are more similar to the natural food our animals enjoyed in the wild. These raw meats, for example, provide a great amount of protein and supply animals with pure, clean energy that they love to have stores of.

Veterinarians and others, including us, would like you to know about the primary danger in feeding a raw diet. That’s not to say we’re against the diet; we’re not. What’s important to communicate to those feeding raw or thinking about it is the danger of not properly preparing the food for animals.

A recent CTV article caught our eye and sparked our thinking on a reminder to raw feeders: improper precautions in preparing raw food can be harmful to pets and even to food preparers. Bacteria, like E. Coli and Listeria, are present in raw meat like chicken.

The article linked to above gives a great resource for keeping things safe and it can be found here.

The most important thing for you as the preparer of foods for pets is cleanliness. Whatever your animal’s food has touched, be sure to wash with hot and soapy water. This includes surfaces and utensils, plus your hands.

It’s important also to note that commercially prepared raw food can contain these bacteria, so be careful wherever you’re getting the food.

Check the Consumer Reports info in the CTV article and be sure to visit any number of our Pet Partners that sell raw food if you’re thinking about making the switch for pets!

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