Help Skye, a blind, deaf Dane looking for home

By on April 10, 2017

Sometimes, animals are just unlucky and are stuck in long term foster care for too long. Other times, like in Skye’s situation, there’s a little extra something needed in potential adopters.

Skye is a four-year-old Great Dane who was born blind and deaf. She also looks a bit different than the Great Dane many picture having. For these reasons, she’s been under the care of Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue for quite some time. We hope that by sharing a bit about her that someone out there will open her home, tell a friend, or simply advocate for Skye.

Skye is a sweet, playful girl who loves going on walks and cuddling up on the couch. Her ideal home would be one with no other dogs so she could receive the proper amount of attention and care.

Below, find some questions and answers provided by Big Dogs Huge Paws Read more about the Rescue in our Rescue Friends category.


Why was she born deaf and blind?

Skye was born deaf and blind due to the double Merle gene which causes her to be predominately white. White Great Danes frequently have little or no pigment which leads to deafness and eye abnormalities. Skye has microphthalmia which causes her eyeballs to be abnormally small and covered by their inner eyelids.


How does she get around?

Skye quickly learns the layout of her surroundings, creating a mental map. She can feel the difference between carpet, tile, or grass and she use smells to guide her.


Is she Albino?

No, she is not considered Albino. An albino is actually very rare. Double Merles have spots or areas of color on their bodies.


How do you communicate with her?

Skye is very smart and knows touch commands! Everything you would normally say to other dogs, Skye knows with touch. These touch commands are easy for an adopting family to learn. In fact, Skye is very attentive to people and learns just as well (or even better) than a hearing/seeing dog!



If you’d like to learn more about Skye, put in an adoption application, volunteer for or donate to Big Dogs Huge Paws, click here. Skye has spent too long waiting for a home, so anything you can do (even if it’s just sharing this post!) will be much appreciated by us, Big Dogs Huge Paws, and sweet Skye.

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